Sun in all houses of Navamsa chart

Navamsa chart is one of the important divisional chart and shows the second half of life of the individual or life of the individual after marriage. Sun is a hot planet and represents our soul, authority, ego, career etc, Here is the detailed analysis of Sun in all houses of Navamsa chart.

Sun in first house/ Sun in 1st house of Navamsa

The person dominates the marriage and can be shrewd, crude in marriage. On the other hand, they want to elevate status, ego and recognition after marriage. They also want to get married in a wealthy family.

Sun in second house/ Sun in 2nd house of Navamsa

The position shows rise of status and authoritative position in life after marriage. The income of the native will grow after birth of first child. Debilitated sun gives money in Navamsa.

Their money or income increases with good health of spouse and when health of mother is good, they gain from fixed asset and incomes. All hopes and desires of elder sibling will come true after their marriage.

The native or their spouse become political and very creative . People listen when they communicate. Sun in second house of navamsa can also lead to arguments on bank accounts/ money.

Before getting married, one must discuss about bank accounts with spouse. Spouse may have a lot of heat in digestive track and spicy food needs to be minimized. Ill health of mother can lead to continuous argument in house. They may also loose or sell ancestral property.

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Sun in third house/ Sun in 3rd house of Navamsa

It is a good placement and the father in law of the native will be in powerful position. Eventually his/her father in law helps the native in their career. At the same time, father in law is famous, proud and meticulous person.

Third house is a upachya as well as trik house. Hence , the native will gain power and recognition after marriage . At the same time, s/he will be courageous, brave and will gain from government.

S/he will dominate over the younger siblings, children and co-workers. S/he gains a lot of money through communication and achieves a lot of recognition and achievement in second half of life through government.

Besides, s/he would also gain through elder sibling.The person respects communication with spouse. On the other hand, the relationship with younger sibling gets distant.

Sun in fourth house/Sun in 4th house of Navamsa

Their home will be very unique with eclectic decoration. It may also seems like a palace. They are authoritative and dominating over spouse and family.

In a male chart, the position shows that he will dominate the home. But in case of female, their ego rises after marriage that can result in arguments and ego issues in home.

They get fame and recognition in foreign land. At the same time, people of homeland can support them to gain fame in foreign land. As Sun aspects the tenth house, they can be authoritative figure in profession.

On the other hand, the native may not identify their enemies because Sun looses its directional strength in fourth house. The position also shows in second half of life, the person enjoys the company of single parent. They can be spendthrift.

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Sun in fifth house/ Sun in 5th house of Navamsa

Sun in fifth house of Navamsa shows that the native is intelligent in investment and will be interested in politics. The native may have an authoritative spouse.

At the same time, s/he will be very particular about health, reputation and appearance. The native will instill intelligence and ego in own children.

It is one of the great position for righteous footstep, vedanta knowledge and learning history. At age 46 and 58, s/he can expect great gains in career like promotions, fame, recognition and awards.

On the other hand, the position of Sun in fifth house can be a double edge sword. Here Sun lacks intelligence in dealing with marriage. The native may be embarrassed due to spouse and may get late children.

The native get more affected at early marriage and s/he has to deal with issues in marriage at 43rd year.

Sun in sixth house/ Sun in 6th house of Navamsa

Six house represents unchangeable karmas, the karmas that can never be changed. Sun in sixth house in Navamsa shows that the native achieve victory over people or enemies who opposes their spouse or marriage.

It shows that they can defeat the enemies or obstacles in daily life. They always helps their co worker and friends. They find honor and respect in family after marriage.

It also shows health of maternal uncle or relationship with maternal uncle may suffer after marriage. Sun in sixth house of Navamsa also shows disputes in marriage and if Sun is in good or friendly sign the native can win over arguments in marriage.

But if Sun is in earth sign in sixth house than the person can deal in a matured way in terms of marriage issues. The position also shows ego battles with in laws.

Sun in seventh house/ Sun in 7th house of Navamsa

The position shows marriage is dominated by life path of spouse. Spouse is very dominating and it will always leave a mark in marriage.

A person will deal with certain karma in married life that can leave an impression on them. It can give divorce or separation in marriage. If Sun is with 7th lord than the person is ready to deal with marriage issues and the person looks for someone dominating or fatherly figure who can guide them.

A person reputation depends on the quality of marriage and if they don’t marry the right person, reputation may suffer. Spouse is very independent but s/he never ask others to serve their need.

In soft sign like cancer , the spouse may overpower with emotions and nourishment but they can hurt your emotions. They may not show their dominating nature.

When Sun is in air sign, spouse will be blunt in speech and actions. It can result in a certain breakup in relationship. Sun in 7th can also bring late marriage. Relationship with father distinguish/ diminishes after marriage.

If sun is in good position in 7th house the person will be looked as authority. Nakshatra will define the root cause. They are very well in attaining property and can overpower home life. They can also have ego battles or distance from guru.

Sun in eighth house/ Sun in 8th house of Navamsa

Sun, moon and mercury is neutral in eighth house. The native is always concerned about joint asset and accumulation of joint asset. They also try to understand the family of the spouse.

It also shows responsibility of attaining status after marriage. The position also shows attaining wealth and money after marriage. They will create many political connection but others will not be aware of it.

It can also bring major conflicts with authorities due to ego issues. They can also face conflicts in work-space. They usually have a powerful control in their home.

The native will also be interested in hidden knowledge and occult.

Sun in ninth house/ Sun in 9th house of Navamsa

The native may take a leadership role in religious organizations. The reputation and respect of the native increases after marriage. They follow the family lineage and rituals.

This position of Sun activates religious insight, philosophy and divinity in a person’s life after marriage. Marriage and partnership can invoke divinity in the life of the native.

The native starts learning ancient knowledge, scriptures and philosophy. On the other hand, they find hard to deal with elder siblings or find difficult to cope up in large organizations.

Sun in tenth house/ Sun in 10th house of Navamsa

This is one of the excellent position of Sun as Sun gains its directional strength in tenth house. It also shows strong reputation after marriage and other people may perceive very positive about the married life of the native.

Others may perceive that the couple has a lot of connection with government authorities or politicians which may not be true. They may spend a lot to maintain their reputation.

It also shows losses in foreign land. They win over enemies, competition and diseases. They can easily repay the debt.

Sun in eleventh house/ Sun in 11th house of Navamsa

Eleventh house of navamsa shows gain, hopes and fulfillment of desires after marriage. It shows the native wants to attain the highest success in life.

They work a lot after marriage so that they can serve the marriage. They can also be single bread earner in marriage. At the same time, they also want to give everything to their children.

They are devoted in marriage. On the other hand, they rise in career as they are devoted in their work too.

They also have a very selective friend and network circle. But they always provide support to others.

Sun in twelfth house/ Sun in 12th house of Navamsa

They have less romance in marriage in homeland but their romantic life becomes active after marriage in a foreign land. It also shows settlement in foreign land. They gain a lot of support from family of spouse.

The father of the native can take many foreign trips. They can also pay a lot of taxes. On the other hand, they can have issues with father related to inheritance.

They can also face issues with father regarding marriage. They can have major issues with family after marriage. At the same time, sleep of the native may get disturbed.

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