Mercury in different houses of Navamsa

Navamsa chart is one of the important divisional chart and shows the second half of life of the individual or life of the individual after marriage. Mercury is a planet that represents speech, communication, accountancy, business, marketing, astrology. Here is the detailed analysis of Mercury in different houses of Navamsa chart in vedic astrology

Mercury in first house/ Mercury in 1st house of Navamsa

They are fickle minded especially when Mercury is in watery or fire sign. They are flirtatious with a good sense of humor. Marriage is a business partnership.

They are very open to marriage depending on sign. They can also accumulate through partner or marriage. Their arguments in marriage can be for no reason.

Debts will become active after marriage. One has great passion for walking/travel. The person gets interested in business. They may face struggle with path to divinity. Kriya yoga is good for bad mercury.

When Rahu is with Mercury the person becomes very clever and they also know how to avoid circumstances in marriage.

Mercury in second house/ Mercury in 2nd house of Navamsa

Mercury in second house shows tight balance with budget. S/he loves communicating with family member. S/he becomes very good dealing with communication in workspace. Speech or communication will also earn money.

They have the ability to gain/find values of other people. Mercury in second house shows debts becomes part of regular life. One can be quite promiscuous with others.

A lot of people also get attracted to them. One has very good bank balance. Especially after marriage or 36 , relationship improves.

Mercury in third house/ Mercury in 3rd house of Navamsa

It shows entire foundation of marriage is based on communication. Mercury is curious planet so the person wants to know about spouse and also expects the same from spouse.

The person also wants to resolve issues in marriage. They will always take advice from siblings. They are far more communicative and loves interaction with people.

The person will get confused about religion/ dharma and spirituality. They love travelling. At the same time, they do well in communication in foreign places and can be very good in writing/ arts.

Mercury in fourth house/ Mercury in 4th house of Navamsa

Mercury in fourth house shows too much movement or too many people coming at home. There can be a lot of sharing of information. S/he may create a library at northern end of home.

But they may feel drunk about career at this position. The remedy is to learn and teach and that will give progression in career. Their love for dog increases.

S/he also becomes devotee of Shiva and Vishnu. S/he can reinvent intelligence of children or themselves. Mercury has capacity to hold things like maintaining budget / finances at home.

The position also shows spouse will be a friend.

Mercury in fifth house/ Mercury in 5th house of Navamsa

They have the most amazing communication to deal with issues of marriage. They set goals for future and communicate about investment with spouse. The native loves accountancy and public speaking.

The native retains tremendous amount of gains and also loves to go to road trips. They have distant relationship with elder sibling. They may also show off or over exaggerate about marriage.

The native will also be interested in journalism and loves collecting information .

Mercury in sixth house/ Mercury in 6th house of Navamsa

It is an excellent position in Navamsa. Sixth house is house of divorce/disagreement, obstacles, fights. Mercury has ability to negotiate in conflicting situation.

A person can be a business oriented mind and can take care of arguments depending on sign. With Debilitated mercury, the person can escape situations quickly.

In Aries, mercury will be forthcoming and mercury can quickly resolve it in a blunt way. Mercury with Saturn in 6th house in Navamsa shows they are very shut and secretive. They can also be rebellious.

Mercury with moon in 6th house shows they can be sneaky and manipulative in married life . Mercury can also give malefic result if hemmed between two malefic planet.

Since mercury is duality, the person can be flexible and can change situation in opposite direction. Their issues get resolved when they travel. The person can be very careful about debt and loans.

Mercury in seventh house/ Mercury in 7th house of Navamsa

The good part of mercury in seventh house of navamsa shows that the spouse of the native can adjust in any situations in marriage. Spouse do not feel offended easily.

However, they can be very critical or detail oriented about marriage. At the same time, spouse can have skin issues and they can be too much obsessed with outside world. It can also result in less focus in marriage.

Mercury in eighth House/ Mercury in 8th house of Navamsa

This is one of the good placement of mercury. The native gains a lot through lottery and joint assets after marriage especially when the person is running through the dasha/antardasha of mercury.

It also shows lot of communication with spouse or inlaws. They can achieve success in life and can gain assets after marriage. Mercury also gives a lot of interest in speculative business and gaining through hidden sources.

As mercury is the karaka of astrology, it gives a lot of interest in occult and mysticism to the native.

Mercury in ninth house/ Mercury in 9th house of Navamsa

It shows interest in religion, philosophy and higher education after marriage. The native can easily deal with obstacles and can identify their enemies.

Their luck increases when they deal with religion and philosophy. They have a pleasant way of communication but communication with younger siblings may suffer after marriage. At the same time, interest in music can also be seen in this position.

Mercury in tenth house/ Mercury in 10th house of Navamsa

It is a good position of Mercury. People want to become your friend after marriage. They create good relationship with bosses. It does well in communicating with bosses or create good reputation among people in workplace.

On the other hand, they become oblivion to home and they do not try to deal with responsibilities in marriage. They are also good at dealing wealth. Marriage will look youthful to other people.

Mercury in eleventh house/ Mercury in 11th house of Navamsa

They can be ignorant about romance. They are always busy with friends, colleagues and professional network circle. Hence, their intelligence remains always consumed by other people.

Communication with spouse is always related to gains or social events. They are always busy with investments and gaining funds. They are also very good in wealth management.

Elder siblings can borrow from native or vice versa. The native can gain from younger sibling. Gain from communication is also important for them.

Mercury in twelfth House/ Mercury in 12th house of Navamsa

This position of mercury shows Losses and expenses due to communication in marriage. The native may continuously loose receipts and paperwork after marriage.

They can also be good in learning languages and can attain education in a foreign land. But their intelligence increases with spiritual knowledge. They love playing chess.

Their friends can be from a foreign place or they may loose a lot of friends from their homeland. But they are extremely romantic in terms of communication. They can have too much of dreams in sleep.

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