Dreams meaning

tooth falling

These sorts of dreams are connected to our inner well-being, inadequacy, strength, and how we survive in the world. It shows that one must reduce stress level and take control of their life. The dream shows feelings of insecurity, fear, lack of control, and vulnerability in real life. The dream reflects that one may not want to move on in life. They may not want to get old in life. In Chinese belief, teeth falling in dream shows one may lie or may be deceived. However, the dream shows that rejuvenation and rest in life is needed to move ahead in life.

Allien dream
If you dream of being kidnapped by alliens,it indicates that someone in your family may overpower you in near future. Giving birth to allien babies or holding allien babies indicates confusion in real life. Dream of being beheaded by allien indicates small failure in near future. dream of allien attacking other cities or world indicates your resistance to change in near future.

Afterlife in dream
Afterlife in dream indicates that you are going to experience spiritual awakening soon in real life. The dream indicates that there can be certain transformation in your life and your life can head towards née begining. If you are already in afterlife in dream suggest things will change soon for better in real life. If you see heaven in dream, it shows relationship will be important for you in real life.

Acacia in dream

Acacia plant in dream signifies a new beginning of life. Dream of acacia tree in desert indicates excellent things are going to happen in real life.  It also indicates that you will be happy and content in life. The dream signifies your strength and confidence in real life. Acacia tree is generally associated with mortality, contentment and new beginnings in many culture and traditions.

Feeling accused in dream
Accusing someone in dream indicates quarrel in workplace in real life. If you are accused in dream, it indicates bad decision of others can ruin your dignity in real life. It can also indicate that someone can spread false rumor against you  in real life. The dream of accusation also indicates feeling guilty or experiencing some difficulty in real life.

Abandonmemt in dream

There are many ways of feeling abandoned in dream. It can be family, friend or partner leaving us but the dream has a positive aspect. The dream indicates fear of being excluded from society or people in real life. Grieving for someone in dream who passed away recently indicates you need time to heal. There are 2 meaning of the dream. The first one indicates letting go of something on life and second one indicates that you may need to neglect something in real life and deal with consequences. spiritual progress in real life is the positive aspect of the dream.

Accepting job offer in dream

Accepting job offer in dream is a positive omen. If you pass the job interview and accepted the job offer, it indicates positive financial growth and good career in real life. Dreaming acceptance letter indicates rise in social status. university or institution accepting u in dream is a positive omen and indicates new start in life

Achievement in dream

Dream of Achievement indicates success in real life but  through risk. If you won in your dream it indicates happiness and contentment in real life. Passing in exam indicates love from people. Getting job in dream indicates love affair in real life.Getting medal in dream indicates you will be very lucky in real life. Position of president in dream shows higher position in real life.

Abuse in dream

To dream of abuse suggests that you
well being and beliefs has been violated and  questioned. This dream indicates that your surrounding people may need your help. Shouting and  yelling in dream indicates that you have seal with challenges in life. Sexual abuse in dream can be a reflection of our own mental state.  Abuse as a child indicates resisting forgiveness in real life.If it is not related to your life it indicates your vulnerability related to other people.

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