The servant mind- Rediscovering Osho

The king had a kingdom full of wisdom
There lived a cook like a snake with venom.

The cook with his skill won million heart
The king was the one who admired his art.

The cook never cooked  but baked lies
A monkey in the kitchen , there the truth lies.

The cook served the food so plenty and tasty
A plate full of food with a trick so nasty.

The tasty food when allured the king
That’s how the tricky play begin.

The king was allured and asked the cook
The secret, the magic, the spices he choosed.

The cook said have a question in mind
How u serve the empire day and night.

The king laughed and said, become the king
One day is the time and experience you gain.

Insecurity and greed gropped the mind
When cook became king leaving all behind.

Within a day, the cook ordered the soldier
To kill the king and be secure and stronger.

The focus of the cook was on the throne
The king was dethroned for reason unknown.

Screaming in pain, the king finally  died
Cursing fate, his decisions and pride.

Fear of loosing gropped the mind
The cook lost all his kindness behind.

The cook was the monster or the monster was the mind
Wisdom should be king or the servant would be blind.

Moral- Mind should be the servant but never the king

Inspired by Osho thoughts
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