Angular position of nose

It is important  to compare both the sides of the nose and then which side the nose tip is tilted. The nose tip can be either straight or tilted towards left or right. Lets discuss the angular position of nose.

Tip of the nose in the middle of face

When the nose is straight down the middle of the face, such people are very balanced personality. They are very balanced in their thoughts, emotions, preferences as well as likes and dislikes. They will be very friendly and can have a huge network circle. At the same time, they donot get involved in group or section.

Tip of the nose tilted towards right

As the left side of the face is female side and right side is male side, nose tilted towards right shows male characteristics are more in the nature of the person including women. For male, it shows selfish nature while for women it shows extremely sexual.

Tip of the nose tilted towards left

If the tip of the nose is tilted towards left, it shows more female influences in life. Male loves to spend money on female especially on their partner for sexual purpose. They can be extremely sexual.

At the same time, women can be very selfish as well as self centered. They can be very biased against men too.

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