Different features of nose

Nose determines two major things: character and finances. Below are the different features of nose.

Cleft on tip of nose

When there is a cleft in the tip of the nose, it indicates base, wicked and mean nature. There can be two types of cleft- horizontal or vertical. Horizontal cleft can be across tip of the nose and vertical cleft can be on the mid tip of the nose. There can be one, two or three dents on the tip of the nose but all will indicates the same analysis. They are selfish and busy with fulfilling their own desires. They may not follow the righteous path too. Women with such noses can be in pornography industry.

Such cleft also indicates financial troubles in early part of life and hence such people always hankers after wealth and luxury. It also indicates difficulties in personal as well as professional life during the age 41 to 50.

Horizontal fold/ line at the beginning of nose bridge

Here there are two permanent horizontal line at the beginning of nose bridge. It indicates the person is tough, dominating and hard to please. There can also be three lines at the beginning of the nose bridge. It indicates that one is strong and tough in positive way. They can beat difficult situations due to their sporty nature.

High bridge with pointed nose tip

If the bridge of the nose is high and the person has a pointed nose tip, it indicates wisdom, power, authority and curiosity.

Visible nostril

Visible nostril indicates that one can be spendthrift and may not be good at finances.

Wings of the nose in line with the tip

When the wings of the nose are in line with the tip of the nose then all the parts are in straight line. If the nostril are not visible through side or front, it shows that one is very lucky in terms of wealth. They are very calculative in spending money. At the same time, they are detail oriented and cannot take things lightly.

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