Different types of noses

Mars rules nose in face reading and nose rules the third house of wealth in face reading. It indicates the nature and character of the person. It also determines the sexual drive, leadership, power ego, empathy and warmth of the native. Nose also helps to know the quality of mid life of the person. Here we will discuss different types of noses in face reading.

Eagle/hooked nose

Eagle or hooked beaks nose are noses that looks like hooked beak of an eagle. The nose ridge is high and the tip is pointed downwards. Sometimes,the nostril is also exposed. They are dominating, bossy and donot like to take instructions from others. They are independent but selfish. At the same time, they can have financial crisis during early stages of life. Hence, with time, they become extremely stingy and donot compromise with money for family too. At the same time, they are very skeptical.

Pig nose

Pig nose is usually a convex shaped nose. The horizontal side of nose and the tip of the nose meets at slightly upper part of the nose. They are lucky and become successful in early adulthood. They can also be successful models. At the same time, they donot like to take anyone advice and people can get offended by their way of communication. Women with this nose can be independent and can have break up in early stages of their adulthood. They are materialistic too. Children with such nose are naughty and sporty. Women with this nose can be naughty as well as sporty.

Swan nose

The nose is straight like the swan beak and is also known as gentleman nose. They are good natured and donot like back biting or gossips. They are good hearted and believe in hassle free work. At the same time, they can also be successful entrepreneur or businessman. They rise in their career in the age group of 28 to 35 and they are lucky in terms of money and cash flow between the age of 41 to 50.

Lion nose

The lion nose is also called bulbous nose as it has a bulb like tip in the nose. The nose is thick from both side and the nostrils are rounded. For men, it indicates good cashflow and money especially during the age of 41 to 50. They can be good in gambling too. But for women, it indicates rift in personal relationship and marriage. It also shows that the women can be spendthrift. Women with lion nose can marry someone older than her as they lack maturity.

Straight nose

Straight nose are noses without any bump or cleft in the bridge of the nose. The nose comes straight down. Such people are independent, broadminded, liberal and free thinkers. They are honest, straightforward, hardworking, steady,  disciplined and decisive in approach. Due to their hardworking nature, they achieve success in certain point of life especially at the age of 35. The age 41 to 50 is good in terms of luck. They can also be successful businessman.

Nose with ridge on bridge

This type of nose has a edge or elevation in the bridge of the nose. They are rigid, proud and stubborn with a high  IQ level. They may not listen to their parents. It also indicates ups and down li life. At the same time, they can be indecisive and suffers from mood swings as well.

Curved nose

The nose bridge is not straight but curved from top to bottom of the nose. People with curved nose are talented and cam be successful businessman. They can do well in filmmaking too and are very ambitious as well as energetic. However, if there is a ridge or elevation in the curved nose, the native can face upheavals in life.

Nose with round tip

Nose with round tip shows that the person is very curious.

Heavy nose with large round tip

Heavy nose with large round tip shows lack of concentration. The person can be foolish and as a child can be poor in studies. Such type of noses are also considered inauspicious.

Elongated nose

People with Elongated nose have a large difference between the tip and base of nose. They tend to be foolish but can also be materialistic. Sometimes they are lucky in terms of money.

Unbalanced nose

They have an impulsive nature with low tolerance level. They hate criticism and can also be violent. At the same time, they can suffer in terms of relationship and wealth.

Deformed nose

People born with Deformed nose can face crisis in life. They can lack the basic facilities in life and  can be mean as well as wicked.

Narrow, sharp and pointed nose

They have great leadership qualities and high ideals. They are passionate and very ethical. At the same time, they are spendthrift too.

Thin/bony nose or tortoise nose

They are selfish and have selected friends or network circle.

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