Ear color in face reading

The color of the ear is important as it judges the temperament of the person. It is a source of energy too. The ears are considered auspicious if the color of the ear matches the body color. Lets study ear color in face reading that effect of color in life and destiny of the person.

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Ears lighter in color and tone than face

Ears that are slightly lighter in color than color of face is auspicious. Light toned Ears indicates reputation. If the people are in show business, they can get good fame and reputation. If other marks in face are not good, they can have a bad reputation too.

Ears darker in color and tone than face

People having darker color and tone of ear than face lack vital energies. They can be lazy and donot like to work hard. They are sensual and can waste their time and energy in sensual gratification. At the same time, they can lack concentration and can also be ignorant.

Red ears

If the color of the ear is red, it indicates lust. They can be lustful, arrogant and egoistic. They can also be inconsiderate, ungrateful and lack will power. At the same time, they can suffer from high blood pressure or dangerous or incurable disease.

Red veins visible on the ears

They can have bad temper, fanatic disposition and can also be uncontrollable nature.

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