Ear lobes in face reading

Ear lobes are lower fleshy part of the ear. The part plays an important role in face reading. Below are the different types of ear lobes in face reading

Types of earlobes

Long earlobe

These ear lobes looks hanging and are very long. Long earlobe indicates long and healthy life. They are healthy, independent, strong minded, intelligent and are bestowed with long life. At the same time, they are lucky in material and spiritual success. They have sound understanding and judgements. They are also good observant. Gautam Buddha had long ear lobes.

Medium earlobes

Medium earlobes are small and most people have such ear. They are active, agile, stoic and have great observing ability. At the same time, they are very creative and great inventors. Filmmakers, writers and scientist have generally such earlobes.

Very small earlobes

Very small earlobes tends to waste time and energy on useless subjects. They are less creative and initiative. They are also less hardworking and can adopt immoral/wicked  approaches for easy cash flow.

Narrow earlobes

Narrow earlobes are thin and less in diameter compare to normal earlobes. These earlobes indicates mood swing, impulsive and also impatient personality. They lack determination and can also lose wealth as well as relationship due to impulsive nature. These earlobes can be inauspicious.

Thick earlobes

They have a huge network circle and can gain a lot of wealth. At the same time, they are hardworking. Women with thick earlobes can be lucky for husband as they indicates lots of wealth.

No earlobes

These ears are completely joined from top to bottom. They can be selfish, shrewd, materialistic and also have a very blur approach towards their goals. They are not determined and can struggle in life as well as career. These earlobes are generally not auspicious.

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