Ear shapes in face reading

Ears plays an important part in face reading. It indicates ones childhood, dreams and ideologies as ear indicates age from 1 to 14. Study of ear also determines the personality of the individual. As ear resembles the shape of the foetus, the nourishment and  care of the individual during childhood can also be determined by ears.  Hence, the size, placement and structure of ears are important to understand the capabilities of the individual. Here we will discuss the ear shapes in face reading.

Triangular ears

These ears are not so fleshy and have triangular upward curve. These ears are not  good for success and recognition. Sometimes, the person can be violent too. They can have an unhappy childhood and may not be happy inside. At the same time, they can have a revengeful attitude towards others.

Squarish or rectangular ears

Squarish or rectangular ears indicate shrewd or cunning nature. They tends to be more cunning with negligible earlobe. Due to their nature, they can have limited network circle. They can face psychological issues in old age as they are loners.

Elf shaped ears

Elf shaped ears are generally ears with pointed upper part. They are rebellious and do things as per their wish and desire. They are intellectual, creative and independent. However, they are moody too. They always needs space in workfield and personal life. They are outgoing, friendly and have good sense of humor. At the same time, they are broad minded and have modern outlook and approach towards life.

Round and big ear tips

People with round and big ear tip are curious and smart. They understand things very easily and works on intellectual plane. They use their intellect only on topics they are interested. At the same time, they are dedicated as well as hard working. They excel in life through their hardwork.

Puffy outer edge ears

Ears with puffy outer edge are irresponsible, selfish and extremely materialistic. They donot care about others emotions and can be mean while fulfilling their desires.

Thin outer edge ears

Ears with thin outer edge shows lack of self confidence in the person. They are not hardworking and try to fulfill their needs through others. They can also blame others for their failure.

Protruding ears

Protruding ears are those ears that sticks out in irregular way. People with Protruding ears are loners and can also stay away from parents in childhood. They are energetic, creative and also have unique ideas. They can excel in sports too.

Minute or miniature ears

They are very close and get affection from friends and family . However, they can be deprived of the basic amenities in life.

Deformed ears

Ears without proper size and shape are deformed. They may not be very lucky in life and can also be punished by law or nature. They can be wicked and may not have big life span too.

Hairy ears

Ears with thick growth of hair shows that  the person is healthy and strong. At the same time, they can be arrogant and short tempered. They are also spendthrif. If the growth and density of hair in ear is not proportionate to the hair of the body, it shows one can waste their energy and wealth in futile things.

Ears with large holes

People with such ears are good listener and always willing to learn from others.

Ears with small holes

People with small ear holes may not collect all information at a time. They are less receptive and also lack concentration. At the same time, they can be narrow minded, less confident,selfish but fearful nature.

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