Ears in face reading

Ears plays an important part in face reading. It indicates ones childhood, dreams and ideologies as ear indicates age from 1 to 14. Study of ear also determines the personality of the individual. As ear resembles the shape of the foetus, the nourishment and  care of the individual during childhood can also be determined by ears.

The left ear indicates the age from one to seven and the right ear indicates the age from eight to fourteen. However, it is surprising that ears are the only organ that grows throughout life though the shape of the ear remains same. But if the person works on a materialistic plane, the ear remains small and the growth becomes stagnant during youth. As per vedic scripture, if the person works on a spiritual plane, the ears of the person keeps on growing. Long/large and well developed ears indicate good fortune. Large and thick earlobes with fleshy inner and outer helix shows that the individual is intelligent, bestowed with wealth and long life. However, thin and poorly developed helux shows absence of intellect, health and wealth.

As per vedic scripture, there are three planets that rules the ears- Mars, Mercury and Saturn. Saturn also rules the sense of hearing. Hence, the size, placement and structure of ears are important to understand the capabilities of the individual. Here we will discuss the position of ears in face reading.

Position of the ears

Tips of ears higher than the eyebrows

If the tips of the ears are higher than the corner of the eyebrows, it shows that the person works on an intellectual plane. They can be extremely creative and can show interest in arts, writing, philosophy and research. They can process information faster than others. At the same time, they can attain fame, wealth and name at early age like 28.

Tips of ears reaching the eyebrows

If the tips of the ears sits in line with the eyebrows and are not above the eyebrows, it shows that the person is metaphysical but still love to be in physical world. The difference between the previous and this category people are tips of ears higher than the eyebrows individual has high intuitive power while this category individual has higher general ability. They succeed generally in mid life, between the age of 28 to 40.

Ears lower than the eyebrows

They are materialistic and always seek pleasure. They can struggle in early phase of life generally in childhood and teenage. At the same time, they are sexual and erotic. As they had to struggle in early phases of life, they always seek enjoyment and comfort once they are adults.
Women can be sexual to fulfill their desires while men can work ruthlessly for the same. However, they have a very slow way of processing information. They can achieve success much later in life and it can be average if there is lack of other auspicious indicators in face reading.

Upper portion of ears sticking out horizontally

If the upper portion of ears sticks out horizontally, it shows one may face extremes in childhood. Either they lost their parents at early age or parents pampered them so much that they became selfish adults. So, in short, they did not have ideal childhood due to which they are always busy in fulfilling their own desires. They pay less attention and are not emotionally connected to family members.

Upper portion of ears pressed inside horizontally

This indicates that the person is very close to family and are only concerned about the same.

Upper portion of ear angled back vertically

They can be rigid, stubborn and very tough. They have their own sets of beliefs and thoughts based on which they choose to do things. At the same time, they are also very unconventional.

Upper portion of ear parallel to lower portion

If upper portion of ear is parallel to lower portion, they follow the middle path. They are not rigid in their own beliefs and thoughts and are good in following instructions of others.

Upper portion of ear angled or pressed forward

If upper portion of ear is angled or pressed forward shows low confidence level of the person. It also shows less will power and tolerance. They may break promises as they may not complete their projects or tasks due to low will power. If the back of the ear is pressed shows that one can be pessimistic and donot show interest in learning.

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