Eyebrows in face reading

As there are different ways to categorise the eyebrows, the eyebrows can also be further categorised into four more categories according to the distribution of hair in the eyebrows. Below are the categorization of eyebrows in face reading.

Thick at the start

For such eyebrows, the hair of the eyebrows becomes thicker at the starting and then gradually becomes thinner. They are creative , cultured and well behaved. They can take up any new pilot project.

Even eyebrows from beginning till end

These eyebrows are even from beginning till the end. They are even tempered and are good decision makers. They can handle monotony and high pressure. At the same time, they are good at brainstorming activities.

Thick in the end eyebrows

These eyebrows have a thinner beginning and thicker end. They love to be in their comfort zone and donot like too many changes. They are slow but very good at following up tasks. At the same time, they like to keep everything under control. They can be strict supervisors and disciplinary officers.

Thick in the middle eyebrows

These eyebrows are thin in the beginning and end but thick in the middle. They are resourceful and always look for result of their action in personal or professional life. At the same time, they love to control people and situation but sometimes they can be adamant. They can also be narrow minded, rigid and less flexible.

Other features of eyebrows

Different length, shape and position of the eyebrows

Mismatch in length, shape and position of eyebrows shows that one can have step father or mother. It also indicates struggling life and hardship especially between the age of 31 to 34

Messy eyebrows

Messy eyebrows indicates that the person is not good at money matters. It also shows financial loss especially if there are other inauspicious indications in face

Curling brows

Curly brows shows bad relationship with parents and siblings and hardship especially between the age of 31 to 40.

Beautiful and well defined eyebrows

People with beautiful and well defined eyebrows are creative and artistic. They can be writer, historian, poets and even superstar.

Eyebrows with vertical growth of hair

Generally eyebrows slanted horizontally but in some cases, the eyebrows grow vertically. It shows one is hardworking and never gives up.

Crossing crease or a line in the middle of the eyebrows

If there is a crease or line in the middle of an eyebrow, it shows that the person can face some accident in life.

Two or more creases on the eyebrows

Two or more creases on the eyebrows indicates divorce, death or family conflict. They may have to struggle before the age of 28.

Noticeable hair between the eyebrow

If the eyebrows are not joined and has some hair between the brows indicates that the person may have to struggle before the age of 30. They may not gain fortune from family.

Change in the color of the eyebrows

If the color of the eyebrow changes and turns yellow or brown , it indicates good luck in professional or personal life. Purple hue represents deep love for someone. Red hue indicates danger and trouble in near future. Green hue indicates trouble at workplace.

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