Face categories as per width

As per vedic face reading, besides the elemental face types, faces can also be categorized as per width or narrowness. This analysis is generally conducted when people have mixed elemental categories. It helps to understand the personality of a person along with temperament. For example, if a person has an earth type face but one has a broad and other one has a narrow face. In this situation, it shows that the two person have two different temperament. Below is the details of face categories as per width.

Broad face

Broad faces are generally wider than normal faces. Their forehead is generally wider and basically the face looks square shaped. The face also might be equal to height and width. They are generally more practical, tolerant and broad minded personality. At the same time, they have good capabilities in decision making and judgement. They are highly tolerant and can bear external forces easily. These people also have good influencing abilities and are not impacted by external forces like bad behavior, politics etc. They are confident and can take decision based on their own judgement and authority. All the qualities make them very good manager.

Narrow face

A narrow face usually appears thinner than usual. The height of a thin face is greater than the width of the face. The width of the face is generally narrow. People with narrow face have narrow forehead. They have a very narrow opinion and have less tolerance level. Slightest pressure can make them very angry, anxious and intolerant. They always expect more from situation and people.

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Fear is a big factor in their life. They have to overcome fear in order to do a new project. They get very anxious when they are out of their comfort zone. However, they can be confident by experience but not by nature. Due to their fearful and anxious nature, they find it challenging to face adverse situations of life and tend to live an average life. If they have inauspicious marks in their face, they can be more stressed out in difficult situations and need constant support and confidence from others.

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