Face map based on age

Here we will discuss the parts of faces and their relationship with age. It is one of the foremost analysis in face reading and here we will analyse the positions of face that corresponds from one to hundred years. However, please note that though we will analyse the age from one to hundred years, it is not necessary that the person will survive for one to hundred years.

Below are the age group located in various areas of face.

Ages 1-14:

The age group one to fourteen is located on the ears, hence, the luck of these person during that age is seen on the ears. Ages from one to seven are arranged in consecutive order from top to bottom of right ear and likewise, ages from eight to fourteen are arranged in consecutive order from top to bottom of left ear.

If the ears/ear is deformed, then it indicates that the person may lack care and nourishment from family or mother. If the size of the ears are small, it indicates that the child till the age of fourteen might have to go through adverse or challenging situation in childhood. Although, small ears do not indicates lack of finances throughout life. They can be rich or poor in life depending on their deeds and other position of face. However, eventually, they can be very materialistic as they wants to fill the gap of their childhood.

Ages 15-30

The entire forehead indicates the age group 15 to 30. The age fifteen starts just below the middle of the tip of the forehead. From sixteen onwards, it descends and covers the whole forehead. Age 28 is located in the third eye region. Age 29 and 30 are located in the left and right corners of forehead. A good shaped forehead indicated high intelligence, good memory and smooth life.

Ages 31 -34

The eyebrows indicates the age group of 31 to 34. If the eyebrows are smooth and even, it indicates the person is wise with good temperament. While broken or sparse eyebrows shows lackof judgement and short temperament. Eyebrows shouldn’t be too thick, thin or broken. Auspicious or well built eyebrows shows good relationship with siblings and good career.

Ages 35-43

The eyes and areas around the eyes indicates the ages 35 to 43. The eyes and areas around the eyes should be clean and bright. However, if there are dark patches or criss cross pattern, then these people carry a heavy load and disgruntlement. However, if the eye area is Inauspicious, then these people will suffer a lot. Some of them can also be penalised by court for criminal activities.

Ages 44-50

Ages 41, 44 and 45 represents the bridge of the nose. However, ages 46 and 47 represents the cheeks and cheekbones. Age 48 represents the tip of the nose. Age 49 and 50 represents the wings of the nose. If dark patches, dents or scars are present on the bridge of the nose or on the cheeks or cheekbones than the individual might suffer from major health problems during that time. It can also show faulty character or financial restriction.

Ages 51-73

The age 51 represents philtrum. The upper part of lips indicates the age group of 52 to 55. The age group 56, 57, 64, 65, 68 and 69 represents the fa Ling lines. The fa Ling lines have major impact on the age of 56 and 57. The lips represents the age 60 while the portion below the lips represents the age group 61 to 63 and 66 to 67. Chin represents the age group 70 to 73. Most people die in this age group due to faulty Fa Ling lines, mouths or chins.

Ages 74-100

The age is indicated from the side of the chin going around the circumference of the face.

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