Forehead in face reading

Forehead is the celestial region of face and is considered the mode of goodness part. Forehead helps to determine whether the person is intellectual, spiritual and materialistic. As per vedic face reading, forehead should be long, evenly arranged, smooth, rounded and wide. Forehead which is shiny and lustrous shows success and recognition at certain point of life. A forehead which is narrow and untidy shows negative thinking attitude of the person. Mars represents forehead and faulty forehead shows inauspicious position of mars.

Types of forehead

High forehead

High forehead indicates higher hairline. People with High forehead have easier career and life compared to others. It also indicates High intelligence, power, authority and aggression. But too big forehead shows that the person remains in his own world.

Narrow forehead

If a person hairline sits low, near the eyebrows, these forehead are considered as narrow forehead. The corners of the forehead are close to eyebrows and much lower. Such people may not be fortunate enough and can face obstacles in fulfilling desire or ambitions. They have low confidence and can face financial issues. At the same time, they may face difficulty in rising higher in life.

Domed forehead

A domed forehead is generally formed with round forehead. They love adventures and excitement. For female, it shows that they are controlled character and does things in moderation. However, for males, it indicates they are stubborn, picky and have high expectations from others. Due to their stubborn attitude, they may also let opportunities pass by.

Wide forehead

A wide forehead are basically broad forehead with good height and width. They are very lucky in terms of studies and are bestowed with high intelligence. They get help from parents and elders in studies. At the same time, they can run things by their own ability.

Flat forehead

A flat forehead means one is practical, analytical and observant in her/his approach. They have their own opinions and can do things better.

Slanted forehead

People with slanted forehead can get excited very quickly regarding something. At the same time, they can get too conscious about their status and lose interest often to become introvert.

High, round and deep forehead

This forehead when observed from the side shows a prominent curve extending inwards. They can be independent, brave and quick decision makers but they can point out others fault too. A high, round and deep forehead depicts idealism and such people can develop strong froendship with others. They are generally inventors and discoverers.

Narrow at the top forehead

These forehead are generally covered with thick hairs at the side giving it a triangular shape. This type of forehead also indicates restriction or obstacles in family life and fulfilment of desire.

Shallow forehead

A shallow forehead indicates obstruction in career and success. They work hard but can establish themselves only after the age of 30. They may not succeed immediately in job field. It also shows some issue with parents at the age of 15 to 30.

Protruding forehead

Such forehead are curved in the front and gives the forehead a convex shape. It shows that the person is imaginative and a dreamer. They process information very slowly and are also not quick decision makers. They prefer to make ideas before proceeding for any activities.

Indented forehead

Indented forehead indicates people who are their own bosses. They are hardworking, love to work independently without support of others. At the same time, they work tirelessly to fulfill their dreams, desires and goal. Team work does not suit them as they cannot work under someone’s authority.

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