Hair based on color and textures in face reading

Hair is one of the important factor in face reading. Venus rules the hair. Below are the reading of hair based on color and textures.

Black hair

Natural black hair shows more melanin in the body of the person. Melanin are great stimulator, so people with black hair have more stimulants in their hormone.

Red hair

As Red is a vibrant color, people with natural Red color has high temperament. Even if the color is dyed, then the same rule applies. However, if the person keeps on changing hair color, it shows fickle minded personality of the person.

Blonde Hair

Less melanin pigments causes blonde hair. People with blonde hair are sometimes blunt in terms of communication but they have a very direct way of communication.

Brown/Dark brown/Tan/Copper hair

People with brown/Dark brown/ tan/ Copper hair has mixed traits of red and black hair. They are diplomatic and can also be cunning as well as pragmatic. These traits applies for both natural and colored hair.

Mixed color

People with mixed hair are fickle minded and can be indecisive.

Blue/Green color

Blue and green color are not natural colors of hair. It indicates that the person loves to have a new or unique identity. They can have a very unique taste to certain things in life.

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