Hair based on thickness and length- Face reading

Hair is one of the important factor in face reading. Venus rules the hair. Below are the reading of hair based on thickness and length.

Types of personalities based on thickness

Thick hair

Thick hair indicates that the person is physically very strong but emotional. At the same time, they can be hot tempered, stubborn and over reactive.

Thin and delicate hair

People with thin and delicate hair are generally fragile and have less tolerance level. They tend to be more fragile if they are slender or thin built.

Even thickness/ Normal hair

People with normal hair or even thickness hair have balanced personality. They are artistic and very conscious about their nature and behavior.

Types of personalities based on hair length

Long hair

As per vedas, kama resides on hair, the longer the hair, the more the passion. Long hair indicates royalty, modesty, wealth and pleasure. Women with long hair are virtuous, glorious and fortunate as per vedas.

Short hair

As per vedas, short hair indicates roughness and impetuosity in women. They can be short tempered too.

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