Hairline in face reading

Wide, smooth and even hairline are auspicious to vedic face reading while uneven, indented hairline are not auspicious. Below are the different forms of hairline in face reading.

Even hairline

People with even hairline are even minded with good temparature and can face adverse situations calmly. It also shows that the person has a happy childhood and adolescent period. They have a even and soft hair and are also very emotional and sensitive.

Uneven hairline

Uneven hairline are erratic, faulty and jagged. They can loose their patience and can get irritated very quickly. Past experiences haunts them and they can also have weak relationship with family and friends.

Narrow hairline

People with narrow hairline are very social and not loners. They love to visit their friends and chatting with them. They are happy but sometimes sarcastic and have mood swings.

Receding hairline

People with receding hairline can get bald at the age of 35 to 40. They are hasty, impulsive and love to implement their ideas quickly. They can get angry at trivial issues and can have high pitched voice. It also indicates a strong sex drive and they can also be addicted to intoxicants. Male with receding hairline can be lucky in love life.

Rectangular or square shaped hairline

This type of hairline adds width to the forehead and is one of the best hairline shapes in terms of luck. People with such hairline can also be very lucky in terms of studies. They are fortunate to receive love from elders and parents.

M shaped hairline

They are very creative, expressive and shows interest in arts and crafts. The more prominent the “M”, the more creative the people are. People with M shaped hairline have a masculine nature but it is not so lucky for woman. Women with this type of hairline generally faces a lot of difficulty in relationship.

Forehead with downward pointed hairline

In this type of hairline, the hairline forms an arch while forming a shape at the middle of the forehead. This hairline indicates that the person starts working hard from early stages of life to earn money, knowledge etc. They are also very intelligent.

Crown shaped hairline

Here the hairline points towards the middle as well as at the sides of the forehead to take the shape of Crown. People with crown shaped hairline have excellent wisdom, knowledge and skills . They are also intelligent people with excellent judgemental skills. They can live like a king if their other facial features are auspicious.

Peaked hairline

This type of hairline generally points towards head and are seen in females. Such people are materialistic, ambitious, selfish and love to gain fame fastly. At the same They are less emotional towards others and have less connection with families. Women with this hairline can be very sexual and can easily get attracted towards wealthy and attractive guys.

Rounded hairline

Rounded hairline generally gives a round shape to the forehead of the face. People with this hairline can be fickle minded. If the face of the person is also rounded, it shows that the person can be very superstitious and imaginative. However if it is only the hairline, it indicates that the person can be very expressive, charismatic and magnetic personality. At the same time, they are strongly intuitive.

Heart shaped hairline

People with heart shaped hairline are sexual, sensitive and are excellent lovers. They are also very desirable for opposite sex.

Wispy/patched/Indented hairline

People with such hairline are introverts and secretive in nature. They hide their emotions but like to get information from others.

Strands of hair shadowing down forehead

They can be very interested in opposite sex. They are not loners and shows interest in opposite sex.

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