Horizontal face reading

In horizontal face reading, the face is divided into three regions- upper, middle and lower region. The upper region extends from upper tip of forehead to eyebrows, the middle region extends from the area below the eyebrows till the nose and the lower part comprises of area below the nose to the chin. Lets discuss the three zones of horizontal face reading.

The three zones

The upper zone is also knows as celestial zone and called the mode of goodness, the middle zone represents passion and the lower zone represents ignorance. If the upper part of the face is prominent or longer than the middle or lower part, it shows that the person is in the mode of goodness. If the middle part is longer than upper or lower part, it shows that the person is in the mode of passion. Eventually, if the lower part is longer than middle or upper part of face, the person is in the mode of ignorance. If all the three traits of the person is equal, the person has combined traits.

The upper zone

People with prominent upper zone are purer than others. They are happier, wise and are not impacted by material miseries. They can be prolific writer, philosopher, poets or scientists. At the same time, they also follow a healthy diet.

The middle zone

People with prominent middle zone are born with longing and desires. Their only intention in this life is fulfillment of desires. Hence, they need fruitful return for every action they do. They are never satisfied with the position they acquire and always long for wealth, power and fame. They always look for diet that stimulates the body.

The lower zone

People with prominent or longer lower zones wants everything with minimum effort. They can also get addicted to intoxicants. At the same time, they are attracted to profession related to sex, gambling and any other immoral activities.

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