Important positions of face

There are 18 important positions of face. Below are the details.

The first significant position

The region between the region of virtue (discussed below) and third eye region (discussed below) is the first significant position of face reading. It is the central axis of forehead.

The second significant position: The store house of power

The second significant position is just below the central axis. It is the region between the eyebrows and is called the third eye region. The third eye region is also known as the storehouse of power. This region clearly indicates the strength of the person.

The third significant position: The region of virtue

The region starts at the central axis and ends at the midpoint of the hairline. It is also the highest region of forehead and indicates the values the person have. It shows if the person is honest or corrupt, integrity and loyalty of the person.

The fourth significant position: The region of fame, wealth and enjoyment

The region is located just above the eyebrows. The area above the right eyebrow is ruled by Sun and the area above the left eyebrow is ruled by Venus. The sun relates to glory, magnificent, fame and power, so the area above right eyebrow indicates the same. The planet Venus indicates wealth, love, luxury so the area above left eyebrow indicates how much enjoyment or materialistic pleasure one can attain in life.

At the same time, the fourth region also indicates swings, relatives, friends etc, hence the region needs detailed assessment.

The fifth significant position: The transition point between mode of goodness and mode of passion

This region is the beginning of the bridge of the nose as well as the transition point between the mode of goodness and mode of passion. The skin of this region should be clean as it indicates the flow of energy between mode of goodness and mode of passion. It also shows how the person uses his/her wisdom and power for attainment of material things.

The sixth significant position: The bridge of the nose

The bridge of the nose is the sixth significant position as it indicates the basic constitution and health condition of the person. If the bridge of the nose is weak, then it indicates weak physical health.

The seventh significant position: The tip of nose

The tip of the nose determines the wealth and character of the native. An auspicious nose is clear, shiny and without cleft.

The eighth significant position: The eyes

The eyes are one of the important indicators regarding the person behavior, personality and character.

The ninth significant position:

This is the region of eyebrows and the area between the eyebrows and eyelids. It holds a significant position as it reveals the relationship of the person with parents and siblings.

The tenth significant position: Directly below eyes

The region directly below eyes indicates the relationship of the person along with family members.

The eleventh significant position: The corner of the eyes

The corner of the eyes shows the sexual life of the person with his/her partner.

The twelfth significant position: The cheeks and cheekbones

The cheeks and cheekbones determines the nature of person in terms of dominance, aggression and authority.

The thirteenth Significant position: The ears

The ears is the thirteenth Significant position in face reading and determines the wisdom and fortune of a person.

The fourteenth significant position: The philtrum

The philtrum is the fourteenth significant position in face reading and determines the sexual appetite of the person. It also indicates the productivity and procreation and also the physical constitution of the person.

The fifteenth significant position: The mouth

The mouth is the fifteenth significant position and indicates multiple things which will be discussed later.

The sixteenth significant position: The region of fa Ling lines

The sixteenth significant position indicates the administrative calibre of the person.

The seventeenth significant position: The chin

The chin specifically deals with dominance and aggression.

The eighteenth significant position: side of forehead

The side of forehead just above the corner of the eyebrows indicates travel and movement. It also shows if the person will have a luck of travelling.

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