Nose length in face reading

Mars rules nose in face reading and nose rules the third house of wealth in face reading. It indicates the nature and character of the person. It also determines the sexual drive, leadership, power ego, empathy and warmth of the native. Nose also helps to know the quality of mid life of the person. Here we will discuss nose length in face reading.

Nose category according to length

Long Nose

When we divide the face horizontally into three equal parts as discussed in my previous posts, if the nose portion of the person is bigger then the person is long Nose. Long Nose people are passionate as well as materialistic. At the same time, they look for comfortable job as well as job that can provide wealth and authority. They can also be egoistic and hate receiving orders.

Middle/moderate length Nose

This is ideal length and the Nose is not too long or short. They are industrious, active, witty and have strong leadership capabilities. They have patience, will power and are very skillful through which they succeed in life.

Short Nose

When we divide the face horizontally, it is the shortest region of the face. They need a long time to understand things and have poor memories. At the same time, they lack reasoning and are poor in identifying beneficial situations and opportunities. They have laid-back attitude and are very intellectual. However, with pious marks they can excel in sports and requires physical labor. They are low confidence and low will power people.

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