Nose width in face reading

Mars rules nose in face reading and nose rules the third house of wealth in face reading. It indicates the nature and character of the person. It also determines the sexual drive, leadership, power ego, empathy and warmth of the native. Nose also helps to know the quality of mid life of the person. Here we will discuss nose width in face reading.

Wide or big nose

They are round, puffy and bigger than normal. There are two kind of noses.

Wide or big nose with flat head

If the front part/tip of the nose is flat, it indicates struggle in early life due to wealth. They lack will power and can lead an average lifestyle at early childhood. Their financial condition also becomes better in mid life. At some point, they can also be indecisive.

Wide/big nose with pointed head

If the big noses are pointed at tip, it is considered auspicious. It indicates wealth, fortune and they can also get jobs in higher ranks. They will be very successful in midlife.

Small nose

They can be impulsive, intolerant and lack benevolence towards others. At the same time, they can be shy or introvert and can also struggle throughout life to become successful. However, they are attentive, attractive and detail oriented.

Ideal nose

Ideal nose are neither too big or small. They are determined, savvy and concerned with each and every aspect of life. They are creative, artistic and can be interested in fine arts, theatres, commercials and films.

Nose height

The tip of nose determines the nose height. If the tip of the nose is pointed than the nose has good height while flat nose tip indicates less height. There are 2 divisions as per the height of nose.

Flat nose

Flat nose lacks edge and mount. They can be directionless and are not goal oriented. At the same time, they lack initiative and leadership qualities.

Vertical noses

Vertical noses gives a proper vertical shape ti nose. The noses have higher nose bridge and nose tips. Vertical noses are auspicious unless they are tilted towards right or left. They are more reliable, determined, ambitious and firm. At the same time, they have strong leadership qualities and are very active as well as agile.

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