Other characteristics of eyes

Let us discuss in details about other marks and signs in the eyes. This can be considered as other characteristics of eyes

Red lines on the side of eyes

If there are red line or vein in the sides of the eyes, it shows that the person is hard working and task oriented. At the same time, they can easily gain power, authority and recognition.

White and crystal clear eyes

If the eyes are white and crystal clear, it shows that the person is easy going, stress free, healthy and strong.

Reddish eyes

If too many red veins appears on eyes, it shows bad temper.

Black or blue lines

People with black or blue lines on either side of eyes shows serious health issues.

Yellow lines

Yellow lines shows health hazards.

White spots around the irises

Permanent White spot upon iris shows health hazards or accidents.

White spot below the iris

White spots or marks in lower part of iris indicates a sharp contrast in the action of the person. They are also in constant clash with people and are not in good terms with family

Shifty eyes

They are introvert and lack confidence.

Large pupil

People with large pupil have dominant sun in their chart. They can attain glory and power but can have weak insight.

Small pupil

They are reserved, calculative in their behaviour and are introvert.

Large eyes with small pupil

They are introvert in nature

Shiny eyes

People with bright and shiny eyes shows spiritual consciousness. They have strong personality and people can follow them.

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