Other features of philtrum

Philtrum is the vertical groove between the base of nose and middle part of upper lip. They are related to greek word philtron or philtre. Philtron means philanthropist and philtre means wandering for love. As both relates to love, hence, this region refers measuring the sexual desires of the person. The philtrum represents the age of 51 to 55. Philtrum also represents the vitality of the person. Below are the other features of philtrum.

Vertical line running on the philtrum

They are very sexual and want to display their sexual acts in public.  They have low creativity level as they remain engaged in sexual thoughts. However, people with long, deep and shallow philtrum are very creative and can be famous writer or astronauts.

Crooked philtrum

People with crooked, deformed, cut marks in philtrum shows that one can be extremely sexual. They have strong urge for sex and if not met they can take immoral paths to fulfil their desire.

Angular position of philtrum

Philtrum angled towards right side of the face

For female, they can suffer from sexual frustration and can also consider sex as profession. They can also opt for sexual favor to climb the ladder of success. They can suffer financially too.
Men with such philtrum shows selfish nature. They can also face conflict in personal life.

Philtrum angled towards left

For female, it shows extremely selfish and desire to get everything out of a situation. For male, it shows sexuality in social situations.

If the philthrum is tilted towards right or left, it shows that one can suffer from loss of direction, depression, frustration or financial problem. One can also remain childless.

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