Philtrum categories as per width

Philtrum is the vertical groove between the base of nose and middle part of upper lip. They are related to greek word philtron or philtre. Philtron means philanthropist and philtre means wandering for love. As both relates to love, hence, this region refers measuring the sexual desires of the person. The philtrum represents the age of 51 to 55. Philtrum also represents the vitality of the person. Below are the philtrum categories as per width.

Wide philtrum

People with wide philtrum possess a lot of sexual energy. Their philtrum are wide from top to bottom.

Deep and wide philtrum

People with deep and wide philtrum has a lot of sexual energy too. The more deep the philtrum, the more sexual they are.

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Narrow at top and wide at bottom

This philtrum is shaped like a drop of water. They are narrow at the top and wide at bottom. They can also have a lot of sexual energy. The energy level is very high for the people and can have a lot of vitality and strength. They are strong will and also positive mind people.

Wide at top and narrow at bottom

The philtrum is wide at top and narrow at bottom, it shows the person is very lustful during childhood and younger days of life. The person is lustful and can suffer from  low fertility. They generally have daughter and may not have wisdom or wealth.

Narrow philtrum

The phiitrum width should not be less than one cm. If the width of the philtrum is less than one cm, it is considered as narrow philtrum. If the width of the philtrum is more than one cm, it is considered as wide philtrum. People with narrow philtrum are not reserved and discuss their personal life only with close people. At the same time,they have an orthodox view on sex and can suffer healthwise too.

Line philtrum

They have a dry life and lack resources and enjoyment. They can face issues in middle age and can suffer healthwise and finance wise.

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