Philtrum is the vertical groove between the base of nose and middle part of upper lip. They are related to greek word philtron or philtre. Philtron means philanthropist and philtre means wandering for love. As both relates to love, hence, this region refers measuring the sexual desires of the person. The philtrum represents the age of 51 to 55. It also represents the vitality of the person.

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Philtrum according to length

Long philtrum are generally 2 cm.  It is the ideal or moderate length . They have great life forces and they can be romantic, sexual, lively and friendly. They are also blessed with long life and are also healthy. At the same time, they are fertile as well as fortunate and can reach high status at the age of 50. However, if it is unusually long, it shows unreasonable, frustrated or slothful nature. They can be ignorant too.

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Short philtrum

They are inconsiderate and can be carried away by sexual encounter or network circle. They also love thrill and excitement. At same time, they donot reach middle and are short lived. They can achieve remarkable success in short life span and can also access the basic amenities at very early stage of life.

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