The fundamentals of Face reading

In face reading, the fundamentals of face reading lies on vertical and horizontal reading of face . The vertical reading involves reading left and right side of face. While there is a horizontal reading too which will be discussed later.

Vertical Reading

Before starting to read the face reading, divide the person’s face into half. Draw an imaginary line from top of forehead till the chin, it will divide the face into two equal halves- the right and left side. One should keep in mind that the face reader will have right side opposite to the left hand side of person being read and left side opposite to right hand side of the person.

When we draw an imaginary vertical line down the middle of any face, we will observe that the left and right side of the face is not same. The right side will vary from left side if we have a closer look. For example: the left and right eyes, the left and right cheeks can be different.

So we need to observe all differences very minutely like eyes, eyebrows, nose inclination, nostrils etc. The more the difference, the more meaningful significance.

If we observe scientifically, the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body while right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.

Scientific Approach

Shiva and Shakti principle

The vibration of the body is based on Shiva and Shakti principle. Shiva controls the right side of the body while Shakti controls the left side of the body. As per chinese mythology, Shiva energy corresponds to yang and Shakti energy corresponds to yin energy. Hence, the right side is male part of the body while left side is feminine part of the body. The right side also represents spirituality while the left side represents material possession or earthly matter for both sexes.

During face reading of male gender, if the left hand side of the face of the male is more prominent than right hand side and if the nose is tilted towards left then it means that he will care more for woman and will be very materialistic. They have very less interest in spiritual activities.

Sameway, if the women left handed side of face is prominent than the right side, shows the woman is self centered and if the nose of the woman tilts towards right hand side than the woman will have more influence of males and they are selfless in relationship.

Personality in public

The dominant side of the body represents the public side. If a person is right handed, the right half of the body is public side and for left handed people, the dominant side is the left side. Hence, the left side of the body is their public personality. If there is a substantial asymmetry with the left and right side of face, it shows that the person may not always obey rules. They might be highly flexible or adaptable and can have a big difference, the way they behave with their family as well as colleagues.

If the man is right handed, their right side will indicate the public personality and the right side will indicate their business side too. If the right side of the man is more prominent and broader, they will focus more on business relationships than self. As the right side indicates spirituality too, it shows that the person will be grounded, polite and compassionate towards other. They will be close to friends and will have an emotional connection with colleagues and even those who are not well known to them.

For woman, though the left side is their own side (feminine side), their right side is their public personality for right handed woman. So, for men it is easier to understand business better than woman as the right side is their personality and it also indicates business. Though nowadays it is not always the same.

However, if the left side of the men is more prominent and his nose tilts towards left side, it shows that the man will be inclined more towards woman in business. They are very materialistic and fulfillment of materialistic needs are very important for them.

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