Types of faces

As we know that there are five elements of the universe- earth, air, water, fire and ether. However, there are four basic elements that corresponds to the type of faces.

Earth type faces

They generally have longer or oblong shaper face or square face that are bonier, have a visible jaw line, prominent cheekbones, deep voices, thickset bodies and swallowed complexion. They can be very stubborn but at the same time, they are patient, still, steady and firm. On the other side, they are capable of completing work with determination and can also be a visionary. They are very methodical in their approach towards life rather than theoretical.

Eventually, they can be leaders, administrators, organiser with very strong ideals and can take a lot of responsibilities.

The water type

They are sentimental and have short stocky features. Their body and face structure can be fleshy. As they mainly constitute water elements, they are sensitive, gentle and can be excellent storyteller and communicator. They have a bright career in the field of communication, media etc. On the contrary, they are subjected to weight loss and emotional difficulties.

The fire type

They have sharp features and are well built, energetic, masculine and shows interest in sports, physical and outdoor activities. They have a squarish face with prominent cheekbones, pointed chins, curly hair and pointed forehead. The fire element helps them to be enthusiastic and motivate others. They are active, goal oriented, fast paced as well as dominating, aggressive and ambitious. They are fond of fame and power, hence, can be good administrator. Additionally, they have a rapid way of communication and quick body movement.

The air type

Their facial structure is generally triangular or oval with widely set cheekbones, shining eyes and fine, soft, silky hair. They are very logical, practical and can be easily recognized by their slender wiry frame, prominent veins and triangular or oval shaped head. Airy people with prominent forehead is a clear indication of intelligence. They have a huge network of friends or colleagues and are basically known for their demeanor and poise. At the same time, they are very good listeners and are activeas well as versatile.

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