Types of hair in face reading

Hair is one of the important factor in face reading. Venus rules the hair and the texture or quality of hair indicates the temperament, sexual inclination and creativity of the person. The texture, quality of hair varies from one to another individual. The color of the hair varies as per melanin and quality of hair shows the shape of the hair. Below are the different types of hair that needs to be considered in face reading.

Fine, silky and straight hair

Fine, silky and straight hair indicates that the yang forces are under control for the individual. Their behavior is controlled and they keep their anger in control. As they have adequate amount of fire element, they hardly suffer from stomach related disorder.

Dry, rough and coarse hair

Dry, rough and coarse hair indicates abundant yang energy within individual. As the fire element is more, they suffer from stomach related disorder. At the same time, they can argue a lot in every small matter. Dry lips also indicates wicked disposition. Eventually, they can suffer a lot in life.

Curly hair

Curly hair shows high oestrogen level for woman and high testosterone level for man. They are very sexual and have high sexual desires. At the same time, they love leisurely activities. Children with curly hair loves outdoor activities.

Scattered hair

Scattered hair are basically hair that grows in different direction and not in orderly fashion. They are restless in nature.


Balding before 45 shows that the person is weak physically. At the same time, they show a lot of interest in sexual matters. They also have an impulsive nature and can also be short tempered. However, baldness after 50 shows the development of spiritual consciousness.

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