Types of Philtrum as per depth

Philtrum is the vertical groove between the base of nose and middle part of upper lip. They are related to greek word philtron or philtre. Philtron means philanthropist and philtre means wandering for love. As both relates to love, hence, this region refers measuring the sexual desires of the person. The philtrum represents the age of 51 to 55. Philtrum also represents the vitality of the person. Below are the types of philtrum as per depth.

Deep philtrum

Deep philthrum shows abundant physical and sexual energy. They perform well in sports and physical activities. They are financially sound and are very hardworking. At the same time, they have excellent appetite with good digestive capability. 

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Flat philtrum

They are physically weak and calculative. They are not risk takers. Due to their weak life forces, they get nervous, disturbed and have a low sex life. However if the philthrum is broad, they donot suffer from the ill effects of flat philtrum.

Shallow philtrum

Shallow philtrum are those that are not too wide but moderately wide and has concave shape. People with shallow philtrum are good at finances and can save money for future. Financially they are stable too. They have a balanced sexual and professional life and can enjoy every aspect of life.

Totally smooth upper part/ no philtrum

This type of philtrum has no grooves and are very smooth on the upper part. It indicates loss of spouse or beloved one, illness and can also indicates death. They have fragile bodies and can undergo lots of health problem. They can also face issues in love life and  have low sex drive.

Fading philtrum

This type of philtrum is different from no philtrum. It starts from nose (grooves can be seen) and fades before reaching the nose. They can also have heavy influence of negative planets and difficult situations or events will transform their life. Fading philtrum indicates loss of life of spouse or beloved one, illness or loss of wealth. They may need to stay alone in old age and it also indicates trouble by offspring.

Raised philtrum

A raised philtrum has raised middle part or the center. The philtrum can be similar to face of monkey.  They are very sexual and if other parts of the face is auspicious, they can be good warrior or sportsman due to abundant energy. They can also do heavy physical work.

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