Pilgrims of Hindus are on riverside. Why?- Osho

Most of the pilgrims of Hindus are on the river or seaside. Famous temple like Somnath and ujjain are on the river or seaside. Rishikesh and Haridwar are considered sacred cities for Hindus and there you can see Ganga arti. Both cities Rishikesh and Haridwar are on the bank of the river Ganga. Have u ever wondered that why most of our pilgrim are on river or sea side. Osho stated the reason. The reason is in spirituality we mainly deal with water element and fire element components of our body.  While Jainism deal with fire element, Hindus deals ith water element. While our body consist of 70 percent water , balancing the water element is important. In daily diet, Hindus generally add Milk curd ghee to keep their body moisturized and healthy.

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While Jain mainly deal with fire element, you will not find their pilgrimage in Himalaya or within green vegetation. They need a certain dryness to create a pilgrimage Because when you want to activate the fire element, leas water is needed. Many times you will see that Jain sadhus don’t take bath as it will impact the initiated fire element within their body. Even fasting without water is very common in Jainism.  The fire element weakens with water so you will find most of the Jain pilgrims in dry region or region with less vegetation.

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