How to predict property time in vedic astrology

Here is the detailed analysis of how to predict property time in Vedic astrology

Fourth house is the important house that needs to be checked for property. The position of fourth lord also plays a role in property. Mars and Saturn are the karaka of land and construction so mars and Saturn position needs to be checked. Then we need to check jaimini astrology to check matrikaraka.

If fourth house does not indicate property then we need to check the seventh house that shows property in foreign land. The next step is to check if any dhanyoga or rajyoga is formed in fourth house then that shows during the time period of those planet you will gain property. If if the lord of 4th house is forming dhanyoga in any house then you can gain property through that house. Then need to check d9 chart to check the dignity of planet. Then needs to check d4 chart. Then check the ascendant the fourth house of d4 and mars.

For vehicles you need to check venus. Any planet in the ascendant and fourth house of d4 chart plays an important role in property so the mahadasha and antardasha of those planet plays an important role. Then need to check the matrikaraka of d1 chart and check the position of matrikaraka in d4 chart Matrikaraka promises the time period of when the property can get. If same conjunction is in d1 and d4 chart than shows major event is going to happen during those time. if fourth lord is in sixth house then it shows property through disputes. If fourth lord in 8th house ten through sudden transformation you can gain property. 4th lord in 12th house shows property in foreign land. if fourth lord is damaged in sixth, eighth house then shows loss of property. If matrikaraka and charadasha of the sign is well placed it can definitely give property. If matrikaraka creating rajyoga with other karakas. You can gain property in any dasha and for that you need to consider the planet in mahadasha as the ascendant and check the lord of the fourth house if forming any raj yoga in fourth house or in any good house then during the antardasha of the planet you can gain a property. The chardasa as ascendant and if matrikaraka is in charadasha then that will definitely. If matrikaraka is fouth from charadasha and creating rajyoga with atmakaraka amatyakaraka or fifth lord then it creates a combination of property. The stronger the planet and nakshatra then it .

The ascendant and fourth lord in d4 chart should be considered with d1 chart. It is highly benefic if matrikaraka is the fourth lord in d4 chart also. then that will indicate strong indication. Parashara and jaimini both needs to be combined. Then transit must be looked. the most important transit needs to be seen . Then transit in 4th house by jupiter and saturn or if either of them aspect fourth house indicates gain of property. Mars should be the ascendant lord as it is the karaka of property. Then conjunction can tell us more about that. Transit of jupiter and mars in 2nd, 4th and 11th house indicates gain of property.

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