Mangalik Dosha/ Mars in marriage

Mangalik Dosha/ Mars in marriage

Mars represents willpower, courage, fighting ability, free will, soldier, sports, competition, younger brother, boyfriend, real estate, weapons, wars, blood, injuries, wounds. Mars is the physical and mental strength of every person. The planet Mars is a very reddish planet so everything red is represented by mars. Mars is hot like sun but the violence of fire is represented by Mars. After all, Mars is a malefic planet. Mars does not like to be called as “Kuja”, it likes to be called as Mangala. So “Mangal” or Mars in marriage can be an obstacle irrespective of its strong or weak position. Here is the detailed analysis of Mangalik Dosha/ Mars in marriage in Vedic astrology

Mangalik dosha

When Mars, the planet of war, is placed in 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th,8th or 12th house, it affects conjugal happiness or bed pleasure of the native.This is known as “manglik dosha”, generally any malefic placed in these houses can affect peace and happiness of family life. So from the placement mentioned above, Mars also aspect the house of marriage and relationship.

So let’s study how Mars will impact the houses in terms of marriage:

Mars in 1st house

The native can be aggressive and dominating on the spouse. S/he may have strong beliefs (good or bad) that may impact the marriage.

Mars in 2nd house

Second house is the house of family, wealth, assets. Mars in second house is destructive to family life, wealth and speech. Speech can become an obstacle or hindrance due to aggression on others.

Mars in 4th house

Fourth house is the house of peace,mother, comfort and home. Mars in fourth house creates conflicts, arguments at home. It can also question the character of the person so no happiness at home.

Mars in 7th house

Mars is in maraka, can affect the health and longevity of the spouse. The native is dominating on spouse and spouse can also be dominating on the native. Sudden events or injuries cannot be denied

Mars in 8th house

This can affect the longevity of both self and spouse. The native can suffer from genito-urinary problem.

Mars in 12th house

This is one of the worst position of mars as mars destroys bed pleasure and partnership by its eighth aspect.

How Hora affect Mangalik dosha

If mars is in the hora of the moon, the person slowly adjust with the family life though aggressiveness of mars will be still there.

If mars is in the hora of the sun, the person may not be able to adjust much in family life as Sun and mars both are malefic planet.

Aspects: Eighth aspect of Mars is more chaotic/anger issues so that house needs to be taken care. Again Hora needs to be taken care.

Cancellation of mangalik dosha

Mangalik bhang or cancellation of mangalik takes place if Saturn is 8th from Mars , it destroys the mangalik aspect of Mars.

If the other person Mars aspect mars of manglik person it cancel the manglik dosha.

Again nothing is cancelled completely, everything is addition in astrology.

Positive side of Manglik Dosha

If Mars is in good dignity,the person becomes protective in relationship and marriage when person has Manglik dosha. Manglik people are extremely passionate about relationship either family or romantic. They can also run into too many relationship.

When a Manglik person should marry?

A manglik can marry anytime but as Mars get matured within 28 to 31 years, the aggressive nature of Mars calms down and it is better to have a late marriage.

Marriage before 31?

Yes there can be marriage before 31 of a manglik person with non manglik, if a person runs through dasha of benefic planet especially Jupiter. Jupiter in 6th house prevents disputes of marriage.

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