Character defines our Intentions

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Our thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to experience and experience defines our character and character defines our intentions.Intentions are steps towards our own consciousness.

Good and bad Intention

When we have good intention, we always seek good of others while bad intention shows intention to harm others. Intention is not the outer difference but the internal difference. The intention that makes us stronger are good intention while the intention that makes us weaker are bad intentions. When one becomes weak, they grow weaker as they fear the weakness. Any action that instills fear in us are bad intention and any action that makes us fearless are good intention.

Any action that increases our anger are bad intention, action that brings us peace of mind are good intention. Means any action that flourishes our heart and mind are good intention. When mind moves towards false beliefs and intentions, it leads to the destruction of the person. We must understand that no external forces are required to destroy the person. It is the internal forces that will make him heartless and cruel, this will make him lonely in life.

Live a life with intentions

Living a life with intentions means living a balanced life with good meaning and purpose. So, we should engage ourselves in activities that are worth engaging and better for our future. This increases happiness, self awareness along with a dash of positivity. We can live a life with intentions in below ways. We should always engage ourselves in activities that are important and necessary for our betterment and happiness in life. In this way, we will focus less on the purposes that are less beneficial and donot have a positive purpose in our life.

Maintaining balance and wellness in life is important. It helps us to lead a fulfilled life but we must work on balancing our life and where there is a lack of balance, action needs to be taken. Self improvement and personal growth helps us to feel more fulfilled and successful. It adds more meanings to our life.

But we must remember that personal growth is a life long process and it needs constant attention. Mindfulness and enjoying the present moments helps us to be aware of ourselves, our surrounding as well as our emotional state, mindset and thoughts. It needs to be practiced regularly and requires effort. But finally, it can help us to lead a life with purpose.

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