What you choose to see defines yourself

Nature. So beautiful, its wild,inspiring, surprising, evolving, destroying,creating and living. When you look around you see so many things. But what you chose to see defines your self. What you are exactly? is a tough question to answer as your true self often is clouded by your ego. The ego that defined by your family, education,occupation,society etc.

With time it is acquired through your subjective way of looking at things, whis may not be original and always influenced by external factors. You are always on the move to satify your ego.That subjective movement stops you to understand the real you, your true potential.To change, you need to first become silent. You should come out of this chaos around you. Nature is your best mentor. You just need to be sensitive enough to learn. When you are silent from within you see nature in a different way. You will begin to understand its true beauty. Imagine, when you see a mountain it looks beautiful from far, you would wish to go towards it, climb it and reach the peak. When you indeed do so and see the view from the top, the landscape below looks beautiful. The intention of this example is to convey the fact that things in nature are beautiful as they are and where they are but to experience that you need to change your perspective. When you see a fully bloomed flower against the blue sky you wont be able to fully feel the beauty of the flower. Now just visualise it on a white sky, you feel its color, beauty and grace even better. This kind of visualization creates an art.

Isn’t nature inspiring?

Yes it is. There is also wildness and destruction in nature. For example a forest fire destroys a lot of life before it calms. But with time life gets created again there.The browns and blacks become green again. Creation and destruction is part of nature. And we are no exception.Now that we know, we are expendeble. Our focus should be on making most of this life. To do that we need to divert our energies to things that matter us most. We all have got our own problems in life but life isnt just about problems. It is to experience our existence and it has to be a pleasant one. Start seeking your true self, and let go of your ego.There’s is a mentor by name nature, make it your guide. But first you need to silence your mind,meditate, become receptive. When you start looking at things in nature in a different perspective, you will understand new things, you will start to gain inspiration from it , your problems won’t be your problems and you will eventually become your true self. After all, we are part of nature. It takes care of us.

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