How to lead a life like an aghori

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Aghori sadhus are always mysterious to many. Many believes that they are extremely dangerous due to their look. But many don’t know that aghoris are delightful personality. Aghoris are human of one of the highest spiritual growth. It is believed that they can read the mind of the people. One donot need to disclose their feelings infront of aghori but before that aghoris have the power to speak or share their opinion on one’s present thought. Such type of experiences can always be intriguing or intimaditing.

Most of the aghoris survive in deep forest, they survive through the herbs and medicines found in the forest. They lead an extremely disciplined life and mostly they lead a life in caves. They meditate in caves for years. Old temple with tunnel and about which no one is aware, aghoris can be found there. Isolated places are the best places for aghoris. It is due to the fact that material world always has desires and aghoris love to lead a life away from material plane. It can help them for attaining the path of salvation without diversions.
Their rituals start as early as morning 2 AM. True aghoris never come across people as they believe that fame can also take a part of their Sadhana. So, they believe to stay isolated and meditated.

How you can lead a life of aghori

If you believe your mind is in Kaliyug, you are in Kaliyug and if you believe your mind is in Satyayug, you are in satyayug-

Said by someone

It is not necessary to smear one with ashes for being a aghori. You can be an aghori if you can balance your shadripus, if you don’t strike a line between light and dark, pure and impure, justified and unjustified. Because nothing matters at the end of life. You leave your gross body and search another body to fulfill your desires if not salvation.

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