How to learn from universe

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Learning is the first step of evolution. The human race existed for years due to non stop learning. Every civilization learned and succeeded to survive through difficulty. Once they succeed, human race always looked for more better solution. Hence, learning never stopped.

In astrology, Sun and Jupiter plays a great role in learning. Sun can also activate the consciousness of mind and it can help one to understand the depth of a subject. Jupiter can help in learning vedic scripture and literature.

Learning from universe

Learning is not limited to books. It is related to experiences of life and how we experience life. We can experience life even from the smallest creature on earth. The ants, one of the smallest creature, but always tries to accumulate their food.The bees collects honey with great effort and work all day long. So, in one way we are indebted to bees as we consume honey collected by them.

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While I was reading Chanakya Neeti, Chanakya mentioned that we can learn each qualities from lion and stork, three from donkey. Lion is known for it’s courage and willpower. It takes the entire responsibility of hunting it’s prey. Likewise, a man should also take his own responsibility.

A stork waits with patience and focus until it finds it’s own prey. So, human should be patient and focus enough to deal with his work and responsibilities .Donkeys are known for their tireless work, patience and working irrespective of hot and cold weather. Likewise human should also have such qualities.

He also mentioned that one should learn six qualities from dog. The qualities of dogs are- large appetite,sound sleep, alert even when asleep, facing enemy with loyalty and courage, satisfied even in less. One should learn all the qualities of a dog.Chanakya was a great scholar and he also emphasized on how we can learn from creatures and animals.

The sun and moon always illuminate the earth during day and night. Learning is always fun when we observe our surrounding and every little creature in the universe

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