Instinct and intellect

In the pleasure of my supremely beloved..

Instinct is the only factor that keeps the human alive. Instinct and Intellect, both are different. In modern world, though we believe that intellect is important but spiritually intellect is inmature. Rather intuition and instinct are far matured than intellect. Intellect is not beyond instinct and intuition.  

Our intellect can be only used in marketplace for mundane activities. It always comes with a logic and reasoning. Wherever there are questions, there is Intellect. When there is a question in mind, there is also a urge to answer. It is like reasoning and Intellect lies there.  It is the basic nature of any individual.

But Instinct arises from body. All the involuntary action in our body is based on instinct. Our breath, movement etc are basic instinct. When you are hungry, it is your instinct to have food but not intellect. Your heart beats even when you are asleep, it is instinct but not intellect. You breath without applying your intellect.
These are involuntary responses and even if the Intellect doesn’t interfere, the instinct will continue till  human survive. Each activity of our body can be minute but of great importance. If any of them donot function, we face health issues. So instinct plays a great role in keeping us healthy and functioning our body.

Instinct is the basic nature of any human but it always goes unnoticed in real life. Realize the power of instinct.

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