Lay off in workplace and spirituality

Nowadays laying off employees is growing rampantly throughoutthe world. Once the employees are fired, the social media runs after the news for their own business. Creating awareness among public has become a secondary thing for most of the media houses. But such news impact the society and it creates a belief that anyone can loose job anytime in any organization.

If we see with empathy that if such news can impact common people who are not even part of that organization then how it would be for people who are already fired from the organization. The people who are terminated with a piece of paper mentioning their setbacks must have initiated anger, frustration and even depression in the person. While many people will blame them for their own consequences,we must understand that firing takes place due to several things. The organization can be drowning in debt which may not be highlighted to public, The organization can go through restructuring and lastly the AI may impact many jobs done manually.

In spiritual perspective and in astrological perspective, there is generally loss or change of job when 9th house becomes activated. If it is in the astrological chart, we may not be able to avoid such situation. In such case, we must know to handle the situation with resilience. Rather than blaming one for the situation, one can understand that it is not the end of the world. It may have happened previously to many people and many of them can be working now. The situation can be taken as challenging and one can keep themselves cool and try to find other job by updating their resume and publishing it in portal.

As it may take sometime to get another job, one can also focus on their family. They can spend time with their kids, parents with a positive mindset. Lastly we must understand that every situation arises due to act of God. It is said that our destiny drives people toward us whom we need but not the people whom we desire. So, if one is angry on the management of the organization and people dealing with management, one can see it as they are the people whom you need in this life to evolve spiritually. And lastly be nice to everyone in family as well as profession even in the harshest situation. As Mayur Kalbug said in his book Aghori, “It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice”.

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