Success and fear- two sides of same coin

Someone said that with success comes great responsibilities and with responsibilities comes fear.
Today  success is measured by three things-  fame, power and money, the  three significant cores of the material world.  
1. Abundance of money gives rise to fear of poverty
2. Power gives rise to fear of loosing status
3. Fame gives rise to fear of defamation and ill reputation

While success brings abundance and opulence,  fear brings anxiety and tension. Success brings enjoyment, fear brings Sadness and darkness.  Once the fear overrules success, life become miserable. One becomes restless and hopeless.

Unending illusion and detachment

The material world is an illusion and illusions are unending in life. The illusions are momentary but still it has a very strong and impactful impression in life. In spirituality, it is said that illusion or Maya is a veil between human and God. Fear is one among all the illusions of life.

So while handling fear, it is important to practice detachment.  Detachment, a fragment of spiritual world, can help us to get rid of fears of  loosing the material world. Detachment will help to enjoy the efforts we put in the journey of life than achieving the final result. As Lord Krishna said that we must perform our duties without expecting the result of our effort. So, whether we are successful or in the process of being successful, detachment is helpful in the entire journey of life.

When we work without fear, anxiety and tension, we progress towards perfection. We enjoy the journey of life to understand the purpose & values of life. And eventually we can lead  a  successful life  without fear and greed.

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