The dearth of Success

Success- the term itself is positive with lot of optimism and hopes. Successful people are inspiration to millions. They are heartthrob of any nation. People love to follow them and sometimes they even want to mimic their lifestyle, personality etc.But the story doesn’t end there.

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There are many successful artists, athletes, businessman who are not happy with their success though they are highly successful. They spoke about their melancholy in public platform, that how their glamorous life, glittering outside is hollow and empty inside. They spoke about how the other side of their life, away from limelight, rip them apart.

In few instances, we can also see that how excess abundance in life became a curse for few successful people. How abundance drived them to the path of darkness and ignorance. Since ages, Many successful artists strived on alcohol and drug addictions after bcoming highly successful. Their life ended miserably.

If we ponder on why successful people lead a life of ignorance and darkness, we will find that though they are successful – they have huge mansions and luxury vehicles, they have daily workers to fulfill their each and every demand still they are missing the key to happiness.

Because happiness is an integral part of a satisfied life but not a successful life. Anything that drives us to the path of enjoyment gives us happiness and peace. So, satisfaction is important in life along with success. Because if we are satisfied in life, we will be happy. Happiness helps to unlock the higher form of life. It transforms and drives us to the path of spirituality. We understand the purpose of life which is most important than a successful life.

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