Mars in different houses of Navamsa

Mars represents willpower, courage, fighting ability, free will, soldier, sports, competition, younger brother, boyfriend, real estate, weapons, wars, blood, injuries, wounds. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in different houses of Navamsa.

The planet Mars shows the physical and mental strength of every person. Mars is a very reddish planet so everything red is represented by mars. It is not hot like sun but the violence due to fire is caused by Mars.

Mars in first house/ Mars in 1st house of Navamsa

The native desires relationship and passion. The native is dominating in relationship. The spouse should be go getter and wants their spouse to be motivated in life. The spouse also has extreme sexual desire.

A person wants security but as Mars aspect fourth house it shows arguments as well as strong sexual energy in marriage . After marriage, if gas or stove does not work well or if fire place does not work shows mars is too strong for navamsa which means dominating relationship.

It also shows physical activity after marriage or some physical work at home. One may find hobby at home. The person can have average relationship with in-laws.

Mars in second house/ Mars in 2nd house of Navamsa

Bickering, fighting and arguing is part of married life. They love to be respected by family members. They love to control family and wealth. Mars in second house of Navamsa can also give wasteful and impulsive spending.

They can be careless with harsh speech but generally speech becomes harsh after child of first born. They yell at children for every little things and later children can rebel against them.

Sexually they are very active. They always try to impress in-laws and try to take over father role after marriage and conflict with father.

They try to argue with astrologers or vilify astrologers and find flaws in best reading. Spouse and you will fight over bank account so separate bank accounts in good for them.

Mars in third house/ Mars in 3rd house of Navamsa

Mars is exertion of energy and efforts in communication. This position also shows distant relationship with siblings. Languages can also change after marriage. They may battle in family life or fall for debt.

It can also effect career as communication may irritate the native. But at the same time, the native can also get recognition/praise in office.

Mars in fourth house/ Mars in 4th house of Navamsa

Mars in enemy sign shows gas/stove will not work properly. Arguments may take place near kitchen. The person attains property or luxury car at 4th or 7th year of marriage. There can be constant bickering at home.

Spouse can be forceful or aggressive as well as dominating in marriage. The native should always repair electronics of home if not working as this remedy avoids arguments.

Mars in this position also brings confidence to the native. They can be physically active after 36 . They can also dominate their colleagues. Their confidence and success rises once they get a property.

So property is very important for Mars in fourth house. They can have great desire to own restaurant or lot of barbecue party at home. It is always advisable to live separately with spouse after marriage than living in joint family with mars in fourth house.

Mars in fifth house/ Mars in 5th house of Navamsa

Fifth house is the house of romance. Mars in fifth house gives a lot of passion in married life. Aggression is natural in married life. There can be lot of aggressive communication in marriage.

One can also be irritated with spouse. They can accumulate money and have a strong taste for spicy food. At the same time, they can also have lot of strong sexual fantasies and can undergo huge transformation after they move to foreign place. They can also have gambling habits.

Mars in sixth house/ Mars in 6th house of Navamsa

It is a good position of Mars. They always find solutions to get rid of debts and are strategic in dealing with fights and disputes in marriage. They have a karmic relationship with father or Gurus after marriage and can be dominating or may get lots of cut and bruises.

At the same time, they can be very competitive in marriage. They can be victorious in foreign land.

Mars in seventh house/ Mars in 7th house of Navamsa

They need passion in marriage and they can also be competitive in marriage. They can have a lot of strategies in marriage. This position can also give a very early marriage. The couple always wants freedom.

They may not like to deal with colleagues. They do not like to negotiate in marriage and they must learn to negotiate or sacrifice in marriage.

Mars in eighth house/ Mars in 8th house of Navamsa

As Mars is a malefic planet, Mars in masculine sign in 8th house of Navamsa can make one dominating in marriage while in feminine sign, it can force one to remain subservient in marriage. It can always lead to difference of opinion and agreement in marriage and there can be restricted communication with in laws.

It can also lead to enmity with older siblings and they can also get injured in the lower portion of knee after marriage. Mars is third from sixth house which is the house of profession. So, one can be cheated by colleagues in professional life.

Mars in 8th house can also make one very sexual and one may gain from speculative businesses, political connections, learning something new after marriage.

After marriage, they can be straight forward but can also gain immense wealth after marriage. At the same time, they can gain through real estates and chemicals but they are very secretive about the same.

Mars in ninth house/ mars in 9th house of Navamsa

They can be either very disciplined or rebellious regarding religion and spirituality. But if malefic planets like saturn and ketu does not afflict Mars, they will rather be disciplined. They can argue with guru and mentors or they may take time to believe in spirituality.

Mars in tenth house/ Mars in 10th house of Navamsa

They can be very active after marriage. But if malefic impacts Mars in tenth house, the couple can be abusive to each other. They can be very logical, competitive and eventually find victory in life.

One can suffer from anger issues . Spouse is the spine of marriage and can save the native in extreme situations. Spouse can also be very competitive and can be interested in sports, martial arts etc.

Mars in eleventh house/ mars in 11th house of Navamsa

They want to compete or overpower their competitors by making new network circle or friends. They do not go for useless connections. At the same time, they get better promotion and opportunities in job after marriage.

Mars can give fight with family especially over land. They will eat a lot of food that contains energy like energy drinks. It always gives you gift from in-laws. In laws can be supportive and through marriage one can gain land. They always want to fight for large groups.

Mars in twelfth house/ Mars in 12th house of Navamsa

They can face deep hidden issues in marriage. Mars can also give experiences against will and there can be abuses in marriage. They can also overcome debts and obstacles.

Relationship with younger siblings can be affected after marriage and communication can be harsh. They can be very disciplined towards mentors or gurus but at the same time, can fight for religious beliefs.

They also get real estates in foreign land and can be more active at night than day time.

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