Mars in all 12 houses for Virgo ascendant

Mars is a fiery planet. Mars indicates courage, anger, fire. It is an energy source. It also represents the south direction which is controlled by Yama. Hence, it indicates transformation, death, rebirth etc. Mars also represents ascendant and eighth house as per Kalpurush Kundali. As Mars represents blood, it also shows your ancestors. Wherever the sign of Aries is placed in horoscope, most of your energy will be spend on the sign of Aries. For example: For Taurus sign, one will have energy spent on bed pleasure, spirituality at certain age, short travel etc. Here I will discuss Mars in all houses for Virgo ascendant. Read the full article to understand the same.

What is Mars in astrology

Mars is Exalted in tenth house and debilitated in fourth house. As one needs a fiery energy to succeed in life, so Mars is Exalted in tenth house. It shows good success in professional life.

Mars becomes significator of pending karma or debt as Mars is the karaka of sixth house. Sixth from Mars shows your responsibilities related to that house. One will always feel that someone needs to do something related to that house. For example if you are an Aquarius ascendant and Mars is in the first house of Aquarius ascendant shows that you always feel like doing something related to your home or you may take home loans as Mars also represents debt. Once you pay the debt shows that you paid the debt of the ancestors. Eighth from Mars shows transformation of life.

If mars and sun are together shows that brother, male friend or neigbour will be working in govt. jobs. If Mars and Mercury are together shows that one will have good intuition. They can be good at statistics, law, astrology etc. But at the same time they can have fight in family especially with maternal aunts as well as uncle.

If ketu conjuncts Mars and Saturn is second from Mars shows that one can be police officer, can join army etc. If Mars is in Pisces shows that brother can settle in foreign land. The position also shows one can buy Land or property near foreign land. If Mars is in Bharani nakshatra,one will create rules and routine around themselves, hence they will be very successful. Mars in Chitra shows that one can develop a very powerful skill though they can have multiple skills. While Mars in Rohini and Kritika nakshatra can make one very lustful.

Mars in first/1st house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in first house in the sign of Virgo shows that the individual can suffer from some kind of health issues especially in digestive part of the body. They can also get into physical fight with people especially within age of 18 to 21. They can loose the battle if no benefic aspect Mars. The incident can impact their life and they can be interested in yoga, meditation. At the same time one can be in Marshall arts, sports etc.

Their protective nature comes through conflict and they can have lot of disputes with younger sibling and in laws. Mars in the ascendant also shows one ll protect themselves and the people around. The maternal uncle can also have surgery due to this position of Mars.

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Mars in second/2nd house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in second house in the sign of Libra shows that one will secure their Inheritance. The individual can gain land and property suddenly as 8th house represents sudden changes or the individual can gain inheritance, land or property from in laws after marriage. One will move after marriage to a foreign place or a new place. The individual can be a spendthrift. The best way to save money for such individual is to invest in land. One can also earn from electronics and gadgets.

One can have all medicines at home for precaution purpose. They can also do yoga. At the same time, they can become conscious of their diet if they are in relationship or if they are married. They want to have good physique in relationship and marriage.

At the same time, one wants their family to behave and add values in a particular way. Or there can be arguments at home if the family cannot meet the expectation of the individual. There can also be fights and arguments in marriage.The individual should not fight or insult any gurus in religious and spiritual place. Such activity can impact the wealth of the individual.

It also shows one can be a fast eater. The individual can take good decision on insurance, banking, inheritance,research etc. They can earn through younger sibling or sudden travel. Precise quick decision can give them good result.

Mars in third/3rd house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in the 3rd house in the sign of Scorpio for Virgo ascendant shows that younger brother or neighbor can be suspicious of the things happening around. If brother moves out of house due to education, job or other purpose, it shows that certain transformation or sudden changes can take place in the life of the individual. Usually the transformation can happen within 8 days after younger sibling moves out of house. As Mars is the Karaka of third house and third house represents skills shows that certain interest of the individual in hidden subject or skills like occult or mysticism. They can have a natural skill in investigating things.

Younger sibling will have a natural instinct to find out lost objects of home.The individual will be protected by younger sibling. The individual flourishes when they have secrets in life as Mars is eighth from eighth house and in its own sign. The individual has the capability to overcome debt. Brother can give up inheritance.

Due to Mars in 3rd house, individual can be independent and walk really fast. Brother of the individual can give up inheritance and the native can gain from it.

Mars in fourth/4th house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in fourth house in Sagittarius for virgo ascendant shows that mother can be a very strict person at home. Siblings of mother may control mother. This placement also shows mother will learn many things from her inlaws. She may appreciate someone of inlaws family for their knowledge and wisdom. However, the individual with this placement will have strong connection to home and mother.

The position also shows someone can move to higher elevation for living or have a home from where one can see mountain. This position also gives prosperity in life in terms of land and vehicles. Younger brother of the native can be in field of consulting, banking, law etc. As Mars is directionless in fourth house, younger brother can become wanderer. Even the individual can be a wanderer. The individual performs well inside the office then outside the office. Mother of the individual will always be influenced by younger sibling. Mother and younger sibling can also have conflict with a sage or saint when ketu transit over Mars in Sagittarius. Younger sibling can also seek money or property from mother. Mother can speak philosophical words while cooking food.

As Mars is the eighth house lord , it shows transformation in life. Mother can also have certain transformation in life. One can recite Hanuman chalisa if one have such position. They can also put picture of hanuman in south direction of home. Due to directionless Mars, one can be strong outside but weak within. They can watch philosophical videos in the privacy of home and it will boost the confidence within them. In childhood, one can put photos of athlete, boxers, fighters with this position. They can also be patriotic and can put picture related to patriotism.

If Saturn becomes trine from Mars and Mercury aspect Mars, one can go to land survey, civil engineering etc. In case you lost your skillset, then you can go to a hanuman temple every Tuesday. If you find entrance of any hanuman temple in South direction, it will be better. If you have a hanuman temple, police or power station near your home, you will feel more energetic.

Mars in fifth/5th house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in the sign of Capricorn in fifth house for virgo ascendant. One will be technically sound and they can be one of the best scientist. The placement shows that the intelligence of the native will be impacted by social media, younger sibling, spouse family. Even their decision can be impacted by social media, younger sibling and spouse family. However, the influence of the outside world will only make them better.

Children will be athletic. Birth of children will bring property, land etc. The individual will be less ambitious as things will fall in place for them in terms of fulfillment of desire. Their health improves when they learn something new. New learning can also increase chance of attaining property.

Third lord in fifth house also shows that younger sibling of the native will do well in technology and development.

Venus with Mars in this position can give interest in finances, management etc.

Mars in sixth/6th house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in sixth house in the sign of Aquarius for virgo ascendant. It shows that the brother or husband of the native can be extremely eccentric. Spouse can be interested in unconventional profession or can deal with machinery and gadgets. They do well unless suddenly expansion of work put them in trouble. The position of Mars also shows that brother or brother in law of the native travels to foreign place after marriage.

After marriage, spouse and the native can go to multiple doctor for consultation. This placement also shows one can be in service to their younger sibling if any after marriage. The position also shows pending karmas towards spouse or younger brother. So the individual will serve the husband or younger sibling after marriage. The placement also shows when the individual helps their brother, something improves in their own life. The position of Jupiter also matters in this respect.

The placement of Mars also shows one can go for social welfare and social reforms. Once they get involved in social reforms, enemies decrease in their life.

Mars in seventh/7th house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in the sign of Pisces in seventh house for virgo ascendant. In female chart, the placement shows one may experience cut, injury in their feet before they met their spouse. The placement shows spouse can be a spendthrift. It also shows one can meet their spouse in a far distant land. Spouse can travel to many foreign countries. The individual can settle in a foreign land after marriage. Spouse can have gains after marriage and going near. a vast water body can rise the luck of the spouse.

The placement shows that bank related activities and professional life becomes active after marriage. Good income after marriage can also be expected. The spouse can communicate on technology, philosophy etc. They can also have fascination with weapon.

Mars in eighth/8th house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in the sign of Aries in eight house for virgo ascendant shows that younger brother if any will be strong, competitive and their life gets uplifted with this position of Mars. If Rahu or other malefic planet conjunct Mars, then one can also prefer plastic surgery to change their body parts.

Younger brother can travel to a distant place after marriage of the individual. In female chart, it shows that husband will prosper in life. At the same time, they are very secretive about health matter. At the same time, one can become very secretive about property and health.They love to discuss about research and technology with people.

Mars in ninth/9th house of Virgo ascendant

Mars represents husband in a female along with younger brother. The position shows that younger brother of the individual can travel to a foreign place to earn money. The position also shows father can enter into verbal conflicts with others in religious place or outside of religious places. Father can also get a cut in their body after the incident. It shows that in future life father and the person with whom he had conflicts can be husband and wife to resolve the issue.

Father of the individual can benefit from his own younger brother. However, brother can have conflict with Father if he goes for love marriage. Father can be generally silent by nature but extremely intimaditing sometimes. Father can make money from property, land and vehicles. He can also work as a civil servant in railway or construction company.

The person will be interested in higher education especially in the field of economy, research, technology etc. They can also get chances in higher education and travel to a foreign place to attain higher degree. The position also shows life of father will be influenced by younger brother.

Mars in 9th house in a female chart for virgo ascendant shows that luck of the female rises after marriage. She can settle away from home after marriage. It also shows husband career prospers after marriage.

As Mars also indicate expenses, one can spend a lot in pilgrimages and rituals.

Mars in tenth/10th house of Virgo ascendant

They are extremely commanding in workplace or in public places. They can be in the field of technology. Mars in conjunction with mercury can make them good accountant or mathematician as Gemini and Mercury both represents mathematics or multiplication. However, Mars in Gemini in tenth house also shows lots of up and down in career. The native can perform well in stock market or investment banking. Change in work environment is important for the individual.

They can also perform well in their own business or as independent contractor.Self effort is important with this position. With this position of Mars, younger sibling will perform well in career. However, Mars with mercury in tenth house shows arguments or disagreements with younger sibling. Only Mars in tenth house also shows brother can be a helpful source in career or personal life.

Mars in eleventh/11th house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in the sign of Cancer for Virgo ascendant shows that sudden enormous success especially if one has Mars mahadasha or antardasha. When Mars is debilitated in eleventh house, it shows gain of wealth. It also shows elder sibling deals with health issue especially in the muscular side of body like chest area or digestive track etc. Younger brother of the individual can help them to fulfill their needs or desire. Younger brother can be a good foodie and athlete. They can have natural interest in chemicals, property, hospitality etc.

There can also be arguments and fights with elder sibling. It shows in professional life male colleagues of the individual can create issues. There will be enemies in professional field. There can be issues with father in law for property or inheritance. The individual should not involve in any property related business with father in law.

Mars in twelfth/12th house of Virgo ascendant

Mars is in the sign of Leo in 12th house of Virgo ascendant. It shows that the individual can have expenses related to property or younger brother. The individual can have property far away from birthplace or residential place.Donation is important when Mars is in the 12th house. One can donate to Hanuman temple which will be beneficial for them to attract wealth and remain healthy. The individual can be in the field of consulting, statistics etc. The position also shows someone from spouse family can be working with government or big consulting farms.

It also shows that one wants to involve in relationship and get married. Going to Hanuman temple especially entering in southern direction can fulfill the desire and help them to get married. It also shows that when younger brother travels to foreign land, the individual can get into relationship.

The individual performs well in scientific field especially funded by government or government organization. It is a strong position to clear off the debt. The secret to trigger paying off debt is attending large conference or gathering. They must perform yoga, martial arts etc before engaging in any type of meditation. One can do meditation on Hanuman for better result.

You must remember- Never make a promise to male friend, younger brother or colleague unless you know that you can fulfill their wishes. You can always try to provide the best if you have to make a deal. This position of Mars shows pending karma related to ancestral property. They may have to deal with some issues or paper works related to ancestral property.

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