Devotion and meditation- Osho theory

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved

Though we think that devotion is a part of meditation and vice versa, Osho disregard the theory. According to Osho, there are two paths- either you are in the path of devotion or you are in the path of meditation.

Osho termed meditation as ‘dhyana’, a sanskrit term. He emphasized that there is no proper word that can translate the word ‘dhyana’ as it is a parallel word. Many people tried to connect meditation with concentration but concentration is not meditation. Concentration is just narrowing your mind and focusing on something.

Meditation is when you are doing nothing. When your mind is into the state of nothingness, you do not desire anything. Meditation donot need imaginations. Even if your are imagining than you need to drop those imaginations and become a witness. This technique can be one of the hardest technique of meditation.

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Whereas in devotion, you need to imagine. There are different forms of devotions and one among them is Roop dhyan meditation. Here you imagine the altar of God. The way to approach in a devotional path is only through a certain belief. Our faith and belief lead us to the path of devotion. We pray, we chant in order to show our devotion to God. We believe on our prayers.

So, Osho mentioned that we need to follow either path- the path of devotion with a leap of faith or to follow the path of meditation for a transcendental mind.

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