Renunciation is misinterpreted in religion

Renunciation in spirituality is often misinterpreted. Grief and renunciation are often related in spirituality. Whenever one is in grief, many thought detachment and renunciation can be an escape. But we must contemplate how the theory of renunciation came in this world.  The concept of renunciation came after Buddha who renounced his entire kingdom. While renunciation Buddha was not in grief. He had his loved one with him. He was a prince but still he renounced. It was not grief but he was searching for something higher, he searched for truth. The same is applicable to Mahaveera. They succeeded in the path towards moksha or liberation.

Is renunciation necessary in spirituality?

No, renunciation is always not necessary in spirituality. You can be a meat eater but you can be spiritual. You can stay with your loved one but you can be spiritual. There is no drawing line or limitations in spirituality. There are many sages in world who were meat eaters, who lived with loved one but still they attained moksha. They experienced goodness and richness in life. They experienced the ultimate truth of consciousness and merged with the one and only energy in cosmos.

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