Destination disease and modern world

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In the rat race of life, we are always concerned of ambitions and goals of life. Big house, marriage, children, job are the common ambitions and goals for every individual in modern world. As human, we need shelter and food but the desire to be rich allure us. As we perceive the surrounding, our desire increases. There is a saying that there should be no poverty in the world and every single person should be rich. Most of the people who become rich becomes poor inside. Every millionaire wants to become billionaire. But with materialistic richness comes a poverty. That poverty dives one to look into them.

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What is a destination disease

Osho mentioned in his book, ‘Learning to silence the mind’ that when all are rich then only one can see the poverty within. If one is poor then the person is already poor and he could not look within as he is same outside. It is necessary to have ambition and goals but never let the ambitions slowly turn to greed. When one chase money to fulfill their desires, one may get more than the amount needed to lead a humble life but then new hope arises. Hope for more money and this is called destination disease. Though one achieve the goal, one hankers after the new goal again.

In other way, destination disease is a cycle of desires. Osho also mentioned in the same book that once Alexander the great, met the mystic, Diogenes. Diogenes stayed naked entire life with lighted lamp on hand day and night. When Alexandra conveyed to Diogenes that he wants to conquer the world, Diogene said that he must remember that he could never conquer the entire world in such short span of lifetime as it is multidimensional.

At the same time, his ambition will take him away from himself. Ambitions always lead you to run that extra miles and life slips aways. Alexandra died within 24 hours after this incident as it made a strong impact on his mind.

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