Bharani nakshatra in vedic astrology

Bharani nakshatra is the second nakshatra in vedic astrology.

Sign and degree:

Bharani nakshatra is the second nakshatra in vedic astrology in Aries zodiac sign. Bharani nakshatra is between 13.2 to 26.4 degree of Aries.

Deity :

The deity of the nakshatra is Yama and goddess of destruction Kali. As Bharani nakshatra lord is Venus and bharani nakshatra is in Aries sign, hence, we need to look the position of both Mars and Venus while analyzing the nakshatra.

Name and meaning:

The word bharani comes from the sanskrit word “bhri” means “the nourishing, bearing” or “the bearer”. So it is connected to receiving, holding, possessing or carrying anything. Bharani nakshatra has energy called apabharani that means the power to cleanse or remove the impurities or move on.

Representation and activation age:

The representation of Bharani nakshatra is vagina, the female reproductive organ. As Vagina is related to reproduction and giving birth to life so it is related to “possessing, holding or receiving” a life through intercourse. The animals associated with Bharani nakshatra is an elephant.

Besides dasha and transits, planets also activates through the activation of nakshatra. Bharani nakshatra activates itself at age of 7th, 8th, 24th, 28th, 33rd and 51st year of age.

Saturn is at the point of debilitation in this nakshatra because Saturn hated Yama. Because mother of Saturn, Chaya, inflicted curse on Yama. Sun punished Chaya for her curse on Yama. So such people may face problem in reaping the result of their work.

Nakshatras in astrology


As per my knowledge, there are different mythologies that is mentioned while interpreting the horoscope. One thing we can assume is Guru Shukrachurya, the Venus, knows mrit Sanjeevani mantra that can bring birth or life to a dead person. Yama is also the lord of Bharani nakshatra who takes away life and the soul to a destination. So it indicates carrying, holding and possessing something.

Again besides mythology, if we consider Bharani nakshatra in the lagna of the birth chart, then Venus , the lord of Bharani nakshatra rules 2nd house and seventh house which are death inflicting houses. Guru Sukracharya, the Guru of the demons rules Venus so as Sukracharya has mrit Sanjivani mantra that can bring life to death so Venus rules 2nd and 7th house.

Nakshatra effects

In a horoscope nakshatra of moon, sun or ascendant mainly effect the personality of an individual. Though other nakshatra should also be considered while analyzing the dasha and planetary alignments .

If there are two planets in one nakshatra it shows a strong conjunction of those planets and there is a huge accumulation of energy, so that nakshatra will have a major role in a person life.

There are four pada of each nakshatra and as the energy transits from first pada to the fourth one the energy of the nakshatra keeps on decreasing. The fourth pada of each nakshatra will also have energy of the first pada of the next nakshatra.

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Interpretation of nakshatra:

  1. As there is an exchange of mars and Venus energy, the person can be extremely sexual and beautiful in nature.
  2. Venus rules the nakshatra so it is related to wealth, prosperity, reproduction and childbirth.
  3. They are moral people as mythology states that Yama, the lord of the nakshatra once denied the proposal of his sister Yami , who wanted to have child with Yama. So people born in this nakshatra don’t support immoral acts. They can be lawyers or chief justice.
  4. They can be excellent surgeon as they have apabharani energy which means cleansing the impurities of the body. It is also an excellent nakshatra for completion of all pending activities as Yama is destruction and rebirth.
  5. As Yama and Kali are God of destruction and occult, the person can be interested in occult side of life. They can have psychic abilities. At the same time, they can also make good psychologist and counselors.
  6. They can be in profession related to child birth and child care. On the other hand, they can have issues with child birth as Yama , the lord of the nakshatra was a celibate.
  7. As Venus rules the nakshatra, they can be creative, can take interest in hobbies and skills.
  8. They can have problems with legs and mother. As per mythology, Chaya ( the stepmother of Yama) cursed Yama that his legs will be affected or infected by worms. So such people may feel a sort of step mother treatment or less attention from mother.
  9. They can get good inheritances as its lord is Yama which is related to ancestors.

Remedies: Praying near the bank of river Yamuna.

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