Venus in different houses of navamsa

Venus is all about love and it also represents the highest manifestation of love also known as divine love. It is beauty, desire, love, liquid money. Venus is the indicator of marriage, wife and girlfriend for a man. Here is the detailed analysis of Venus in different houses of Navamsa.

Venus in first house/ Venus in 1st house of Navamsa

The person has desire for relationship and marriage. The person becomes very creative and fame rises through marriage. Even a debilitated Venus in ascendant can give desires. One gets lot of attention in marriage.

Venus in second house/ Venus in 2nd house of Navamsa

It can give massive wealth after marriage. They are devoted to family and desire companionship/ partnership. Wife of the native can be soft spoken. It shows abundance after marriage.

Relationship with in laws may suffer and there can be very less connection with younger siblings. The native can be a single bread earner in the family after 42. They love music and singing.

At the same time, they may make contacts with people from Persia or middle east. They will gain great interest in occult and mysticism.

If Venus is in chitra nakshatra in Navamsa, one will have the most gorgeous wife. Massive wealth can also be expected. But joint assets may suffer.

The position also shows interest in divinity and secret of universe. A debilitated Venus in second house can give lot of wealth. Exalted Venus can make spouse very choosy and the native can be devoted to God or goddess.

Venus in third house/ Venus in 3rd house of Navamsa

Venus can give neutral result but it will be better with time. It can give a lot of leisure travelling. After 36, communication with spouse or younger sibling is soft and pleasant. Male or female enjoys conversation with female.

The person can have sudden gain from father in law. You may help with legacy of father in law. The person can have less gains from own family and the native can have more gains from spouse family.

Joint assets will be very good. Joint account and gain increases. Transformation in career and dealing with more female.

They love company of opposite sex. As it is a upachya and trik house one deals with changes/evolution in relationship.

Venus in fourth house/ Venus in 4th house of Navamsa

The planet Venus gets directional strength in fourth house. Venus is atmakaraka of navamsa. When person engage themselves in legal marriage, they understand love.

Venus in fourth house does not promise marriage. The native tries best to have a peaceful home and has lovable companionship with spouse. The person hates gossiping, everyday connection and connection with younger siblings or neighbors detaches.

It gives most pleasure to person when they devote themselves to religion, spirituality and higher knowledge. The person loves long distance travel. Venus feels very happy in those situation.

At the same time, Venus gives good gains from spouse/ marriage/ second half of life. Venus fulfills the desire of the person. It shows once bhagya uday takes place after marriage. S/he needs help of spouse in career.

The person gets stability in life after marriage. One will always collect gems and jewelry and that asset will come through father or elder sibling.

A person will get home in north facing direction. North facing door is very good for person. 26 or 31st year person gains property or luxury car.

Venus in fifth house / Venus in 5th house of Navamsa

It is one of the good placement and the native is intelligent to deal with marriage issues. They can make good judgement in marriage issues. But they don’t like to be at home.

They are very well in creative and artistic field, very devoted to work and find great pleasure in travelling to foreign place. On the other hand, they are not comfortable with debts.

Venus in sixth house/ Venus in 6th house of Navamsa

This position of Venus is a clear indication of unchangeable karma to pay your spouse. You are destined to be with someone to pay certain karma. Person has to provide more to other person than what they get back from other.

If Venus is strong than you will receive back from others. The position can show less sexual activity in women chart or women make husband guilty in sexual pleasure. They can also have huge amount of debts after marriage.

If Venus is weak than enemies can be very powerful than you. If Venus is exalted in sixth house in navamsa then native has least desire in marriage and more desire to social welfare. It also shows that you either left that person and cheated that person in previous life.

On the other hand, there can be arguments in marriage. The person is attracted to occult, mysticism, philosophy and they naturally get those things in life. The native gains through disputes and litigation.

The position also shows heartbreaks in romance and mistakes in romance. They can also lack intelligence to deal with situation in marriage. Venus in good position shows royal birth and background.

In male chart it shows the person can have a mistress due to lack of sexual chemistry in marriage or romance.

Venus in seventh house/ Venus in 7th house of Navamsa

The person loves to deal with other people and their spouse can be dark complexion. They can be excellent diplomat and can be very good with politics.

The person will always try to balance marriage and relationship. They will also have a natural tendency to attract people. The person can get into relationship in 31st year.

And there can be continuous up and down in health of spouse but accumulation of wealth will take place through spouse. Marriage brings devotion or escapism. There can be spiritual devotion or escapism through drug, alcohols.

Venus in eighth house/ Venus in 8th House of Navamsa

It is one of the good position of Venus as Venus gives good longevity of marriage. It brings a beautiful married life to the individual. Both husband and wife will contribute in marriage.

The couple gains through joint assets. Scandals, affairs and problems from other women can be expected if Venus is afflicted in 8th House of the native. A men can attract a beautiful women if Venus is in 8th house.

Spouse will be creative, artistic and committed to relationship in marriage. The native can gain recognition and fame after marriage. Venus also gives devotion towards goddess.

The person loves to go to places where there is water and towers. The native can also find hidden treasures after marriage. One does well with communication and media.

Venus in ninth house/ Venus in 9th house of Navamsa

It shows that a person can be fortunate after marriage. But it can certainly delay the marriage of the native. The native can get married at late 30. But Venus brings luxury in the life of the native and the native may have great love for literature.

It also shows that the couple loves travelling. At the same time, it shows one need to give wealth to their in laws or connection with spouse family can be minimal.

Sexual life can take a backseat and the native will show more interest in religion, philosophy and Higher education. Though wealth and money comes but the person remains ignorant about their family.

Love for luxury becomes prominent but on the other hand one becomes connected emotionally with their Guru. They love to get the best comfort at home.

Venus in tenth house/ Venus in 10th house of Navamsa

Reputation and fame of the native increases after marriage. They remain devoted to work and expects same from spouse. Their spouse can be professional or may provide service in society.

It may make one very inclined to luxury, comforts and lusts in life. They can be extremely romantic and can also be good in dealing with communications, media or being a part of media.

They are also very fond of younger siblings and travelling. On the other hand, they may feel separated or detached from father.

Venus in eleventh house/ Venus in 11th house of Navamsa

It shows fulfillment of desire and liquid gains after marriage. Venus in eleventh house in Navamsa also shows people want to celebrate the marriage of the native. It also shows greatest desire for marriage and fulfillment of desires through marriage.

They have no interest in work or especially working for other people after marriage. They can have friends from middle east or friends of different religion. Those friends will always support the native and will help him/her to fulfill their desire.

It also shows gain from elder sister. Network circle and support system will increase after marriage. The native will get a beautiful home and luxury car at some point of life especially when Venus is debilitated. Spouse will always help to pay the debt of the native.

Venus in twelfth house/ Venus in 12th house of Navamsa

One has a strong devotion in spirituality or marriage. They have a peaceful sleep unless Venus is surrounded by malefic. They can also be ignorant about marriage situations. At the same time, they can do wasteful spending and spend money in luxury items.

They will not pay attention to physical appearance and can have a sweet tooth. They have a great desire to perform arts or manifest something in work field.

On the other hand, they are addicted to travelling and love foreign cultures. They can have friends with different culture or man with this position can have romantic interaction with Muslim girl and they can also travel to middle east. They can be quite poetic and can publish things secretly.

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