Ghost and entities

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved

There are so many theories on ghosts and entities. There are plethora of movies on paranormal activities. At the same time, there are experiences of people who claim that they experienced ghost or energy that is invisible to naked eyes. There are so many haunted places in earth. Few claims that they can see entities at night while few laugh out loud thinking it can only be a dream or story.

But when we go through vedic scriptures, there are stories of ashuras. There are stories of entities that disturb the meditation of ascetic. It is believed that when you perform Sadhana, there are entities you come across and you have to be alert if you should entertain those entities. Because when you try to reach the divine, obstacles will be there.

It is also believed that few entities though they are bad, they act to be good. They gain the belief by doing extremely or sudden good to a family. The goodness bestowed can be mainly materialistic. It is not very difficult to activate the bad energies as they are already thirsty. They want to do something but through people.

It also depends on the power of entities or how strong the entities are.In astrology it is believed that ketu gives a strong intuitive power to people. The perception of ghost can happen when Ketu is strong as one can experience outer world with Ketu.

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But we cannot deny that everyone of us may have experienced energies that are unknown to us. We questioned our intuitions. We questioned if an incident can happen that is beyond our understanding. Sometimes, it looks like a miracle. But human mind is vast and sometimes it can perceive things that are unknown to us. We just need to navigate the mind in a way so that we can understand the correct intuitive feeling.

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