Extroversion, introversion and black hole

When we are born, we remain innocent and pure. Our brain remain empty with nothingness and so we remain fresh. But with time and impression of present life, we starts exerting our energy and vibration outside or within our surrounding. The process of exerting our energy outside is called extroversion. And before the age of 35, we starts dying and by dying I mean death of soul though our average life span can be 70 years. We slowly move towards the downward slope of life after the age of 35. Our excitement and energy starts diminishing.

As per science, everything gets exhausted when it keeps on eliminating energy. Even scientist believes that as Sun is only eliminating energy and there is no other resources that can give energy to sun, so one day sun will slowly die and will turn into a black hole. There are several stars and planets that die everyday. When they die, they become a black hole. 
So, with extroversion and continous exertion of energy, a black hole is created within us. Long back scientist discovered about the black hole within us. But we have a way to replenish our black hole. The method is simple. Gaze at the mirror everyday and feel that the reflection Of the mirror is looking at you. It can sound strange and creepy or crazy at the beginning. But this is one of the way by which you can get your energy back. With time, you can also do it with people, bird and trees. The process of replenishing our energy is known as introspection.

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